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    Maybe this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

  • http://thomasblair.livejournal.com Brian T. Traylor

    After having seen YouTube videos of Rudy, Mitt, Fred, John, and Mike, I’m confident in saying that they’re a truly despicable group of human beings. Not only did Mitt and Rudy flat out avoid the question, but Mike rephrased her question for the audience into something that he could more easily bullshit around.

  • Tom G

    Although her voice was hard to understand, she definitely brought up the “states rights” aspect, that is, some states have decided to allow doctors to prescribe MM. Brian is right, that Mike completely dropped that critical distinction so he could avoid the whole question of respecting the rights of states to decide for themselves this question. He turned it merely into the medical marijuana issue. Typical politician.

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  • http://www.kaligulawired.com Kaligula

    Well, since Huckster still isn’t convinced by the scientific evidence that the earth isn’t 10,000 years old, his appeal to science is a sham. Besides the argument is not legalization at the federal level, but the ending of federal prohibition of duly enacted state laws that allow such usage.