Ron Paul: The Only Republican Who Gets It Right On Medical Marijuana

Remember all those Republican candidates asking for “medical evidence” on the effectiveness of treating chronic pain with marijuana ?

Isn’t it funny that the only actual medical doctor in the race has a different view of the issue ?

Update: For reference, here’s what the rest of the Republicans said in response to the same question:

Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney
John McCain
Fred Thompson
Mike Huckabee

  • Kevin Houston

    Thanks for this link Doug. I have seen this patient asking his question of Romney as well, and I just wish he had asked it exactly the same way so the comparison would be even more obvious.

    Dr. Paul is 100% right about the Constitution (no surprise) having no authority to regulate marijuana, especially when states legalize it and regulate it.

    The tiny hook that most drug laws are hung upon, is the commerce clause. So if someone is growing their own and using it within their own home, how can commerce even enter into it?


  • Bob C

    It is rather that odd that in 1919 when the Federal government outlawed alcohol at least they thought of amending the constitution. Later when it was clear prohibition lead to crime (any body ever hear of Al Capone) and was wildly unpopular with the public they ended prohibition and again did it constitutionally.

    Marijuana is “against the law” yet the CONSTITUTION wasn’t changed? What gives with this inconsistency?

  • RoC

    The guy in the wheelchair is the same person that asked mitt romney
    if he would put him in prison for using medical marijuana.

  • UCrawford

    Good link Doug…definitely a “Hell yeah” clip.

    Paul’s right, it’s just unbelieveable that the federal government spends so much time and effort outlawing a product that when legal caused so little harm to society at large. The overwhelming majority of problems caused by drugs are a result of its illegalization (which puts the entire industry into the hands of violent criminals). Same argument can be made for prostitution as well.

  • js290


    I’m going to say the same thing I said in the Liberty Dollar thread… don’t fuck with the mob… Cui bono, my friend… Cui bono…

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  • Patrick

    I am a big Paul suppporter, but I must point out that Tom Tancredo holds an admirable position on this subject as well. Tom Tancredo does believe in prohibition of drugs including medical marijuana, and I vehemently disagree with him on that. However he also recognizes that as an official of the federal government he has no right to intervene if a state decided to legalize medical marijuana or even marijuana altogether:

    If he is indeed telling the truth about voting against federal action against states with medical marijuana laws, then that is quite commendable. There are very few congressmen outside of Ron Paul that actually support the tenth amendment in word and deed.

  • TanGeng

    Does the Federal government do prostitution stings? I always thought that was local police. Hmm. I’m not too knowledgeable about this.

  • UCrawford


    I was speaking about illegalizing prostitution in general, not just about how the federal government views it. When I was stationed in Korea prostitution was endemic around the military bases and many of the women there were abused, mistreated, sometimes killed. They rarely had any recourse to the law, partly because of corruption (madams and pimps that engaged in human trafficking often paid off police to return prostitutes to them who tried to escape) and largely because society viewed them as subhuman because of the work they did (even though quite a few of them didn’t actually choose to become prostitutes). It’s a situation where prostitutes are perpetually victimized because they’re stripped of the same rights to engage in consensual, non-violent transactions that you or I would be able to engage in because “society” has decided that they’re a collective underclass that it’s okay to discriminate against.