Open Thread: How Do We Stop Mike Huckabee?

Today’s open thread is about how those of who support limited government can stop Mike Huckabee.

To spur the creative juices, here’s Mike at his finest:

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  • Mark

    I’m not so sure we should try. Scary as he is, Romney and Giuliani are scarier. To me the big question is how do we stop all three of them?

    Maybe it would help if Thompson dropped out and strongly threw his support behind McCain. The other possibility is if Giuliani or Romney came out of the pre-Super Tuesday primaries so badly damaged that they had no shot, dropped out, and then endorsed McCain. Giuliani and Romney at this point I think hate each other so much that they may care almost as much about preventing the other from getting elected as they care about getting elected themselves.

  • tarran

    Plan A involves fudge brownies…

    Every campaign stop give him a platter, straight from the oven and steaming out an irresistable chocolaty scent.

    I predict that by the time the convention rolls around, he will be incredibly corpulent. His lack of self-control can be used against him in the general election;)

    Plan B, well Plan B is much weaker. The problem is that a lot of Americans want Huckabee’s policies. And we are not going to change their minds. The best we can hope for is that by publicizing his crazier moments, we prevent him from breaking out of the pack.

    Look for his silly moments and try to bring them to the attention of the MSM, I guess…

    I like Plan A better, because it involves brownies…

  • Steve S.

    Plan C (a combination of Plan A & B):

    Every campaign stop provides special brownies. Now he’s corpulent, plus we get a lot more crazy moments to publicize.

    Oh wait. Bush has been acting like he’s completely insane for several years now, and many people still like him. Maybe the voters like crazy people? OK fine, let’s give RP the brownies.


  • tarran


    Apparently Ron Paul’s weakness is Chocolate Chip cookies… I think that’s how is wife keeps bribing him to stay in politics… :)

  • Doug Mataconis


    It’s hard to come up with a plan to stop someone who repeats platitudes and doesn’t actually stand for something.

    I think I’ve got a campaign slogan for the Huckster, though:

    Huckabee in `08: He’s Bill Clinton but not as fat.

  • uhm

    He probably is a supporter of intelligent design. If I was going to bring him down that would be the first thing I’d harp about. Then make fun of his supporters that are into that kind of thing. Then compare him to the Clintons, saying “do we need another President that was governor of Arkansa?”

  • Doug Mataconis


    Picking on the religion thing could backfire

  • Bob Waters

    I would have thought Paul’s weakness would have been funny brownies.

    I’m amazed that the previous comment took harping on Intelligent Design as a serious proposal for fighting Huckabee, especially since I’ve never come across a critic of ID who could accurately describe it.

    You don’t stop Mike Huckabee. And you shouldn’t want to.

  • Mark

    I don’t know that it would so much be his belief in ID that would hurt him- it’s actually possible to believe both in evolution and ID, or to believe in ID without being a Christian. No, what will hurt him is that IIRC he is also a young-earther. That belief is Huck’s equivalent of Paul’s conspiracy theories.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s the sort of thing that is more or less off-limits in politics today, so I doubt anyone will make the attack, unless it’s a shadowy Swift Boat type group.

  • uhm

    I think this program did a good job of explaining and refuting Intelligent Design:

  • Stephen Littau

    Huckabee isn’t getting the nomination so I’m not concerned about stopping him. I have many of the same concerns as you do about Huckabee (and a few others), but if his 2nd and 3rd place finishes draws more attention to the Fair Tax, that can only be a good thing.

  • uhm

    Here is an article on WND attacking Huckabee.

    It is said he used public money for himself. He argued for parole of a Wayne Dumond, a rapist who later was released from prison and raped and killed a woman.

  • Akston

    Maybe we should find his most unpopular supporters, document their campaign contributions, and then demand he repudiate them. We could repeatedly question these tiny associations until other blogs cross posted our concerns. With any luck we could siphon off any fence-sitters.

  • TerryP

    Now that is funny Akston.

  • TerryP

    Quite honestly I don’t think the Ron Paul campaign and his supporters need to do much about Huckabee. He is not likely syphoning to many votes from Ron Paul. He is getting most of his votes from people that would likely support other candidates. The other candidates I predict will start going on the offensive against him in the next few weeks, as Thompson did in the debate ad, if they deem him to much of a threat. In fact it may be good for Huckabee to do fairly well, though not to good (as in winning Iowa easily) as he will bring down the votes of the other candidates and possibly allow Paul to move up in the rankings, maybe even win New Hampshire. If they break up the vote enough, Paul could win New Hamshire with only around 20+% of the vote.

    I think ultimately what Huckabee will do is bring Romney back to the pack in the early states and lessen Giuliani as well basically bringing all five (not counting Tancredo and Hunter) of the other candidates into the 10-20% range. This would leave Paul with around 15-20%, more in some states and less in others. If on the higher end it may even allow him to win or get second in a few early states which may help in building his momentum to get even more votes in February and later.

  • Craig

    I think Huckabee is siphoning a lot of votes from Ron Paul. People were unhappy with the former big 4 of Rudy, Mitt, Fred, and McCain. Huckabee and Paul have started going up in the past month or so, but Huckabee has gone up by more, at least in the (suspect) polls.

    If you look on, you’ll see why. People there like Huckabee because he is pro-war, and because he supports Constitutional amendments that will never pass anyway.

    The way to take him down is to publicize his spending record in Arkansas — it’s worse than George W. Bush’s. You might also mention that the marriage and anti-abortion amendments he favors will never get the 2/3 vote needed in Congress.

  • TerryP


    I don’t get your answer that you think Huckabee is taking a lot of votes from Paul. You mention they like Huckabee because he is pro-war. Ron Paul is obviously not pro-war, all the other candidates are. You also mentioned Huckabee supports Consitutional amendments that will never pass. While both Paul and Huckabee likely would support constiutional amendments that will not pass, they likely are not the same ones.

    Huckabee may be pulling a few people from Paul just because of his aw-shucks likeability and on-screen presence. If they were a potential Paul supporter and are looking at Huckabee, they probably haven’t looked at his stance on the issues yet, however. If they look at his stance on the issues and still want to vote for Huckabee, then they likely would have never voted for Paul in the first place.

    To be quite frank I briefly considered Huckabee as a potential option if Paul flamed out a while back. He does come across as much nicer, except for Paul (though in reality he may not be) and a better communicator than all the other candidates. But just one look at his financial record and I knew he wasn’t an option.

    You are right, however, about the way to take him down is to go after his spending record and one you missed being his record on illegal immigration. But this is exactly what the other candidates will be doing. At this time Ron Paul probably doesn’t need to waste his time or money going after Huckabee in particular if the other candidates will likely be doing it for him. Heck he doesn’t need to single out Huckabee as he could call all of the other candidates fiscal liberals as they all seem to have a habit of spending other peoples money like drunken sailors. Heck Romney even spends his own money like a drunken sailor.