Venezuela: Turning Against Chavez ?

In what may well be the last real chance the people of Venezuela have to stop Hugo Chavez by democratic means, it looks like there’s more than a few citizens of the country who’ve had enough:

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of the capital Thursday to oppose a referendum that would eliminate term limits for President Hugo Chavez and help him establish a socialist state in Venezuela.

Blowing whistles, waving placards and shouting “Not like this!” the marchers carried Venezuelan flags and dressed in blue—the chosen color of the opposition—as they streamed along Bolivar Avenue.

“This is a movement by those of us who oppose a change to this country’s way of life, because what (the referendum) aims to do is impose totalitarianism,” said former lawmaker Elias Matta. “There can’t be a communist Venezuela, and that’s why our society is reacting this way.”


Venezuelans will vote on 69 proposed changes to nation’s 1999 constitution that would, among other things, eliminate presidential term limits, create forms of communal property and give greater power to the presidency.

Recent polls have suggested that the public as a whole is turning against Chavez’s proposed Constitutional changes, so it will be very interesting to see how things turn out on Sunday.

  • UCrawford

    It appears he’s falling back on an old boogeyman…he’s blaming the U.S. for the unrest and threatening to cut off our oil exports. Good, I say, Venezuela’s economy is almost totally dependent on oil exports, so let him stop the flow. It’ll speed up his demise faster than anything we could do to him.

  • Kevin

    Also, maybe we should waive all immigration quotas for Venezuela and let anyone who wants to escape Hugo’s workers paradise come to the U.S.. That will take away his best and brightest citizens.

  • TanGeng

    I think they’ve already left. That’s why the country is a mess. Waiving it now would only strip away the best of what’s left.

    At least bring in a few more million so they can share in the 9 trillion dollar debt that the government’s run up for us.

  • UCrawford

    It’s a relatively cruel thing to say but I almost can’t wait for when Chavez cuts oil exports, his economy goes into the toilet and he has to devalue the shit out of his currency. Serves you right you idiot fucking commie…and all the jackasses who were stupid enough to vote for you.

    I’m all for dropping immigration quotas for them, though…and anyone else who wants to come here from anywhere in the world. Our nation’s grew into a world power while they had largely open immigration. That wasn’t a coincidence.


    Of course, adding a few more million also increases the tax base that the government can draw from, which will give us an opportunity to pay down that debt (assuming the government capitalizes on it, of course, which is never a safe bet).

  • Jeff Molby


    Here’s another proposal for parlaying our momentum into a larger movement.

    We’re focusing most of our efforts on the task at hand, but we’re mindful of the big picture, too.

  • Jeff Molby