• UCrawford

    Hell, man, I’m already drunk. :)

  • http://threestooges.net Rob Davidson

    It was 74 years ago today that Prohibition was finally, officially repealed.

    A slight correction to that line is in order: it was 74 years ago today that Alcohol prohibition was repealed. Prohibition itself is still going strong, and is still being used to erode and destroy our Liberty.

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/ Brad Warbiany

    So you’re saying today would be a particularly good day to drink one of my own home-brewed beers?

    Thanks, Doug, for twisting my arm. I was only 98% sure I was going to drink a beer tonight before this post, now it’s up to 100% ;-)

  • Symgharyl

    Agreed, Mr Davidson. Let’s celebrate the full repeal of prohibition… some day.