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December 7, 2007

Quote of the Day: Mitt Romney’s Bigotry

by Kevin Boyd

Mitt Romney was deluged today with questions about yesterday’s speech on faith, specifically about the statement that: “Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom.” “It was a speech on faith in America, first of all,” Romney said, during a testy exchange with reporters after a town hall forum here. He said he was paraphrasing what John Adams and George Washington once said and added that, “For a nation like ours to be great and to thrive, that our Constitution was written for people of faith, and religion is a very extraordinary element and very necessary foundation for our nation. I believe that’s the case.”

- Hotline On Call December 7, 2007

h/t: Ryan Sager

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  • somebody

    I thought the original Dubya and Adams believed that the Constitution was written to protect the inalienable freedoms of all men from the government. Was I wrong?

  • Rhymes With Right

    Yeah, they did — but they only believed that such a system would work if the people governed by our constitution were constrained by a law even higher than the law of man. They justifiably recognized that as respect for and belief in the Creator who granted us inalienable rights fell, respect for those inalienable rights would also diminish.

    Consider the last century in America — especially the period of socialism that set in with the election of FDR. Have not our rights been diminished by those politicians and theoreticians who argue that Man’s rules should supplant God’s Natural Law?

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