Germany’s War Against Scientology

CNN reports that the German Government is moving to ban Scientology:

BERLIN, Germany (AP) — Germany’s top security officials said Friday they consider the goals of the Church of Scientology to be in conflict with the principles of the nation’s constitution and will seek to ban the organization.

The interior ministers of the nation’s 16 states plan to give the nation’s domestic intelligence agency the task of preparing the necessary information to ban the organization, which has been under observation for a decade on allegations that it “threatens the peaceful democratic order” of the country.

The Church of Scientology, in a response sent to CNN, denounced the German proposal, calling it out of step with various international court rulings.

Now I don’t hold much grief for Scientology and find most of what I know about it to be, well, just a little bit wacky. But then I find most of what most religions believe to be a little bit wacky.

But that doesn’t mean that Scientologists shouldn’t have the right to be Scientologists.

This, you see, is what happens in a nation where freedom of religion doesn’t really exist.

  • James Lightfield

    You’re right. Human rights promotes dialogue and understanding. Germany, which has a state supported religion – means taxes help pay its expenses, has a terrible history related to human rights.

    It’s easy enough for anyone in the privacy of his/her residence to determine if there’s anything of value in the problem solving methods Hubbard developed and are part of the huge subject Scientology.

    There are 19 free life improvement courses posted on line at Select “On-Line Cavalcade” (“a group of people traveling with a common purpose), which is the online vesion of what’s happening internationally with teams of Scientologists teaching NON-Scientologists Hubbard’s disaster relief and life improvement methods.

    In 1950 with the release of Dianetics, the psychiatric and psychological associations realized they were confronted by a real threat to their monopolies and started a negative PR campaign. They can’t say the methods don’t work. Anyone can learn and apply Dianetics procedures and obtain fast, lasting results. The psychs only could and did create a knee-jerk negative reaction to impede an individual’s willingess to evaluate the subject for himself.

    The book Dianetics: Evolution of a Science is posted online at

    This is the book that psychs and drug companies don’t want you to read.

    The psych and drug industries pocket worldwide nearly $2 TRILLION. Drug companies pay the US media nearly $2.7 BILLION annually just to advertsie psych drugs.

    It does not take a brain surgeon to realize that inorder to increase share value drug companies have to increase the sale of drugs.

    In most states, for every child labeled with a “learning disorder,” the school receives extra money. This is as much as $1,400 per student per year, and a good percentage goes to school psychs who push psych drugs. All paid from our taxes.

    So that’s really behind the “controversy.” Big business and vested interests attempting to keep their monopolopy, maintain their control and pocket countless billions (99 percent form taxes and insurance premiums.)

    I’ve been a Scientologist for nearly 40 years. I am not employed by any Scientology organization.

  • uhm

    I don’t like their fair game policy.

    It is like defending charities that are funding Bin Laden.

  • TanGeng


    I’m fine if they’re not committing crimes under the umbrella of religion. I’d prosecute them for all of the alleged illegal activities and criminal behavior.

  • Terryeo

    Germany’s effort will come to nothing because it is based on false information. The minister’s declaration is based largely on the documents prepared for them, public documents prepared by people with economic interests in keeping other religions out of Germany. Those documents falsely evaluate snippets of the Church’s administrative policy. For example, policy about how administrative posts within the Church are not to be filled democratically, is quoted and evaluated as unsuitable for running a government. “The Church isn’t democratic” is a big complaint. And snippets of the Church’s policy prove its administration isn’t democratic.

  • max

    I don’t think it’s just the lack of financial transparency to its own adherents that’s bothering Germany perhaps as much as Scientology’s written policies that say it’s okay to lie and hurt people who ask for Scientology, Inc. to be responsible for its actions; policies like Fair Game, Disconnection, and all that jumping back and forth across the line of practicing medicine without a license, the aggressive “war” against mental health professionals, and the whole religion-flavored MLM background. Not to mention the goal of world domination, however Pinky and the Brain that may be.

  • Drew

    They are not trying to ban the religion of Scientologists, just the Church of Scientology organization. Freezone Scientologists would be unaffected by this. The CoS is a very ruthless hybrid of a corporation and a cult that makes slaves of its members by brainwashing and isolation from their former lives. This organization has zero respect for human rights and the rule of law. L. Ron Hubbard’s wife and other high ranking CoS members were busted for committing espionage on the U.S. gov’t. This organization is dangerous and their members often mysteriously die. This isn’t about freedom of religion even tho the CoS is trying to frame it as such. This is about stopping an unethical, dangerous, fascist organization. I applaud the German gov’t move and I hope they go through with it. I hate to say this, but personally I wouldn’t mind too much if they re-opened Auschwitz for some of them.

  • somebody

    Ah, so all of you want to deny people the freedom of choice whether or not to participate in the CoS. Careful, that’s a trait of authoritarians. If the CoS is committing illegal acts, then investigate it. It’s lazy and tramples on the rights of the innocent to ban things left and right (pun intended).

  • Drew

    I know its a very bad precedent to set but the CoS is unique in that they swindle and then brainwash their adherents. L. Ron Hubbard offered to sell his brainwashing techniques to the CIA at one point. The CoS deserves no mercy.

  • uhm

    I hope the US government stays out of it. I don’t care what Germany does.

    Who would want to experience the abuse of an enraged authoritarian organization? They picket your house, post libel information about you all over the place, and hire private detectives. Who wants to go through with that?
    They picket a guy’s house:
    BBC Special:

    Court cases:
    FBI files:

  • Jeff Molby

    the CoS is unique in that they swindle

    Then convict them of that.

  • Sharone Lander

    Scientolgys’ Disconnection practice and consequent splitting up of families is abhorrent.I know this because my family suffered from this.This is just one practice that this cult gets away with in the name of religion.

  • giovanni

    I´m a Scientologist since 10 years and I love it.

  • Ron Newman

    Scientology is not a religion. It is a fraudulent scam. When a young woman in Clearwater, Florida, tried to escape this organization, other members took her from her hospital bed and imprisoned her in the basement of Scientology’s headquarters hotel, starving and dehydrating her to death.

  • somebody

    Omg, guys. If the acts are illegal (like depriving a person of their rights) then prosecute them for it. Don’t ban an entire philosophy. All that does is push it underground.

  • Oliver S.

    I have left Germany because I was under security observation for my believes and being a member of Scientology. It is not funny to have the police raiding your home and office for several times with no apparent reasons, taking your stuff and try to convince you that this would stop if I would have changed my mind about Scientology. They don’t even know what Scientology is about and nobody is forced to join them as well.

  • Dr. Aharon Friedman

    The German government is at it again. Now that they cannot prosecute Jews they prosecute Scientology. I am not sure who is next. Maybe muslims, after all they are easy prey these days. I think that the free world, including German citizens, should once and for all make it clear to the German government that religious persecution will not be tolerated if Germany wants to call itself a free country.