The Ron Paul Republicans

Today’s Washington Post reports on something that I’m pretty sure is a first.

There’s a guy in Maryland campaigning for the Republican nomination for Maryland’s 4th Congressional District as a “Ron Paul Republican”:

In the past few election cycles, Republicans haven’t made much headway in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, which includes part of Montgomery County and most of Prince George’s County.

But Peter James, 52, isn’t running as just a regular Republican for the seat held by Rep. Albert R. Wynn (D). James is running as a Ron Paul Republican.

James said he is one of five congressional candidates running in Maryland at least in part to draw attention to the Texas representative, whose presidential campaign has been something of a grass-roots phenomenon. Paul advocates libertarian positions, including the abolishment of the federal income tax and the closure of many federal agencies. He opposes the war in Iraq.

James, a businessman from Germantown, said Paul will need allies in Congress if elected president. But, James said, even if his presidential candidate loses, the “Ron Paul message is stronger than the man himself.”

James acknowledged running with an “R” after his name will be tough, but he said at least a third of those who attend local weekly Ron Paul meet-ups identify themselves as liberal Democrats concerned with the growth of the federal government.

“We’re seeing disenchanted Democrats, who say ‘whether I elect Giuliani or Hillary, I’m getting the same thing,’ ” James said, referring to Republican hopeful Rudolph W. Giuliani and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). “I believe there’s a very strong contingent of voters out there who have been woken up by this message.”

I know I’ve been critical of the Paul campaign in the past, but this is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen if things are going to change. Change isn’t going to come from the White House down, it’s going to come, as it always has, from the bottom up; and that means starting at the local level with City Council races, state legislative races, and Congressional races.

Now, let’s make no mistake about it; thanks to the political and demographic makeup of the 4th District, James has almost no chance of winning in a General Election against an incumbent like Wynn. But that doesn’t matter because even a losing campaign can accomplish something. It will be interesting to see if other Republican candidates across the country adopt this same strategy.

For those who are interested, James’ website can be found here.

  • Alex Merced

    That’s what we’re doing at the Liberty Independence Alliance. We’re trying to get Ron Paul Americans into office. Like Rick Frey from Texas 10th district. I myself plan on running for New Yorks 4th in 2012. There’s many more, come join the Freedom Movement.

  • John

    I’m a lifelong Republican and now consider myself a Ron Paul Republican. There are thousands of energized and enthusiastic Ron Paul Republicans in the SoCal area alone and many districts that are vulnerable. There will be many Congressional runs on the Founding Father’s platform. Hope for America, no doubt.

  • Kevin


    Quite frankly, Peter James is a nut. He rants about the Federal Reserve banking cartel and the North American Union.

    Besides, his website is terrible.

    I want more libertarian leaning Republicans, but I want the RIGHT libertarian leaning Republicans. Not some random loon who decides to call himself a “Ron Paul Republican” or a “Reagan Republican” or even a “Goldwater Republican” in order to hide his whacko views.

  • Greg


    While Mr. James is not the most professional in presenting his views (certainly not nearly as articulate as Mr. Paul), there is real concern that should be had about the Federal Reserve System and the potential it has to cause great harm to the economy. Even Greenspan has pointed out specific weaknesses the system has. So while the rhetoric Mr. James espouses sounds out of the norm, framed differently, it is reasonable to think we need someone that wants something different than the status quo…in that regard.

    However, I do realize, and I think Doug also realizes that there are alot of eccentric people that run for office, and the outsideness of the libertarians brings more of them to the forefront than the dems and reps. But we play the cards we are dealt, not the ones we want. So get out there and promote someone you like and stop complaining about the ones you don’t.

  • David Wilson

    I agree with you Kevin. I wish we had some real republicans in Wisconsin, our state is going the wrong way real quick, and it’s happening equally on both sides of the aisle.

  • Peter James

    In response to Kevin’s critique of my website. First I am not a professional website designer. I did want to supply more information to prospective voters then less.

    People who rely on name calling normally don’t have a logical arguement to put forward. I have been studing the monetary system for 35 years. I have talked with Dr. Paul on this subject many years ago. He hold the same view as I do as did Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson, Edison and many other famous Americans as listed on my website you may think of as “nuts” and “loons”. I did not rant about the North American Union I merely posted the White Houses web site on the matter and a CNBC video on the AMERO. I made no other comments I only wished to provide resources for voters on the subject. The main stream media wishes to encourage the idea that there are no plans for such a Union obviously you have bought into that. Europeans where probably likewise misdirected before their Union was formed.

    I do however believe as does Dr. Paul that the Federal Reserve Fractional Banking system is a pox on the economy. If you wish to debate that issue then lets do it rationally with out resorting to name calling. The Fed Bank is privately owned; it does create money as debt “out of thin air”; it fails to create any money to pay the interest on the debt which creates a money shortage; this money shortage requires the ever increasing production of more debt and foreclosure on loan security(houses, cars, businesses).

    Did you bother to watch the video? I believe once you understand the workings of the present system you might also agree that it is unlawfull(uncontitutional), unfair, and does indeed consitution a pyramid scheme that produces debt that mathematically can not be repaid.

    I perfer to be associated with those other “nuts” Jefferson, Jackson, Franklin, Lincoln, Edison, et al. And oh yes Jesus. The only time Jesus used violence was to chase the money changers out of the temple. The history behind Jesus’ actions is also contained in the video.

    I may be a nut but this nut has zero debt.

    Many seek my advice on how to manage their money. I have had a successful career consulting to some of the top high tech companies like Intel, Hewlett Packard, TransAmerica, Motorola, etc.

  • Peter James

    I would also like to address the articles comments about my chances in Maryland’s 4th District.

    First, 24 of Maryland’s 37 nominating delegates are select from the popular vote in each district. Not statewide winner take all. The 4th District has 54K republcian voters far fewer than other districts. I had maxed out my contribution to the Paul campaign and decided running for Congress would allow me to spend as much money as I was able to get Ron Paul 3 delegates. Winning the general election is a secondary concern.

    Our local Ron Paul meetups have many more independents and Democrats than Republicans(allthough all these are now Republicans for the primary). I believe that the Ron Paul message can and will pull at least 30% of the democrats, 70% of the independents and 90% of the Republicans in the General election. I have run the numbers and know that these numbers work. The real question is will I be able to raise enough funds to communicate this message to enough voters to win.

    Apparently, a few local reporters have taken sometime to look deeper into the Monetary issue and don’t see it as nuts as do others less informed. That said, yes some of these issue do appear at first impression outof the norm. It will be my job and Ron Paul’s to find a means of defining these issues for mass consumption.

  • Brad

    Right On Peter James !!!

    I would vote for you if I were in your state.

    I Vote For Virtue; I Vote For Ron Paul !!!

  • Mick Russom

    Drink LiberTEA at the Teaparty, Dec 16, 2007. Drink it for the first time.

    All other candidates DENY LIBERTY.

    Ron Paul is the greatest candidate I’ve ever seen. Consistent for 30 years. No flip flops. We are done with WAR, we want a real currency, we want peace, we want the welfare-state for the military industrial complex to END, we want to fix America and stop policing the world and to stop the authoritarian oppression here NOW.

    Here is what the US Government without Ron Paul in charge has done to us:

    – 9 trillion in debt
    – 850 billion trade deficit
    – War in Iraq
    – War in Afghanistan
    – Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda alive
    – Fomenting War with Iran
    – 12.25 trillion M3 money supply, and expanding (massive inflation)

    Ron Paul’s record is crystal clean perfect and consistent. He takes no money from anyone but people and constituents. He is as pure as they come.

    One of my favorite quotes about Dr. Paul, “You’re working for the most honest man in Congress.” That was John McCain speaking to Kent Snyder in 1988.

  • ron paul money bomb

    Even if Ron Pauls record was not 100% he is BY FAR the most down to earth president and does not sound like a robot as the rest of them do. I watched the debates and it seemed like everyone had answer A, answer B and so forth which bugs.