John Stossel & Ron Paul On Health Care

In the fifth part of his Ron Paul: Unplugged series, John Stossel talks to the the Texas Congressman and Medical Doctor about health care:

“We’ve had the government involved in our medical care system since the early ’70s, we’ve had managed care. And all of a sudden, nobody’s happy with it,” Paul said in our interview.

Paul has even gone as far as taking the lonely position of saying government shouldn’t provide health insurance for poor children.

What would happen to those kids under his administration? Paul replied by talking about his early experience as a doctor.


“Should we move to, toward a socialized system, or should we look to the marketplace to help us sort out the problems we have in medicine? My argument, of course, is always looking for the answers in the free market, in private choices, and in individuals dealing with those problems, rather than depending on the state.”

Considering that the health system in this country has gotten worse as government involvement in health care
has become more pervasive, Paul’s ideas make perfect sense to me.

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  • Tron Denver

    Indeed, anything the federal government has thrown money at (i.e. education, health care) has gotten so expensive. Thank god the government isn’t into electronics. Can you imagine how much flat screen TVs and DVD players would cost if they trended the same way as health-care?.

    This is how it works:
    1. Government forcibly collects your taxes.

    2. Government central planners decide where to spend your money, by-passing market pressures all together.

    3. Not worrying about where the funds will come from (the IRS has machine guns), these companies who benefit from government largess get increasingly slovenly and greedy. These companies who would normally be sent packing by free-market competition, are now free to suck (and pass the sucking on to you, the consumer).
    4. People like Mitt Romney and H-bomb Clinton dream of even more thorough ways to subvert the free-market, because of course this will be better in the end (for the salivating HMOs).

    Whenever this type of thing is considered, don’t think how the market failed, but think how we failed the market. Sure the market can be scary at times, and it is not perfect by any means, but nothing is perfect, and its the best we have.

    Go Ron!

    From A Proud Paul-Bot/Ite/Tard

  • Duce

    Liberty Anthem
    by Duce Suber

    Secure our borders
    With a presidents orders
    Deport them all
    Before we fall

    Kill the fed
    Off with its head
    Or wait in line
    For a piece of bread

    Save our money
    This is getting old
    Lets get back to gold

    Lose the mainstream
    their not on our team
    To listen to Hannity
    Is just plain insanity.

    Down with the establishment
    Its just our entanglement
    Vote for liberty
    It whats meant to be

    Wake up America!
    Where have you been?
    Take a look at congress
    We have lions in our den

    Peace and Prosperity
    Is not where it ought to be
    We fight in Iraq
    But its time
    To bring America back.

    Ron Paul is for us All
    Just as Jefferson saw,
    Vote for America
    Vote for us ALL.

  • somebody

    Ah, yes. Worse, but more equal.

  • Joshua Holmes

    The health care system in the country has certainly not gotten worse since the government got involved. The number and kinds of ailments that can be treated successfully has skyrocketed since the early 70s.

  • Brad Warbiany

    Yet, at the same time, elective cosmetic surgery, and LASIK, are trending downwards in price (while constantly improving in quality).

    Could it be that competition actually works?

    If the government was in charge of our vision, we’d all have horn-rimmed glasses and the inventor of LASIK would have been prohibited from practicing, as a protectionist measure that the eyeglass makers would get written into law.

  • Brad

    Forced Morals Never Work. When You Force Health Care, The CARE Will Not Exist Anymore.

    The Government Does Nothing Well.

    I Vote For Virtue; I Vote For Ron Paul !!!

  • Mick Russom

    The reason Ron Paul is so popular, is that he is popular with a Majority of people.

    The other reason he is so popular with the Majority, is he is ‘unpopular’ with the minority that is polled.

    He is also a threat to the military industrial complex and its propaganda wing, the main stream media, and the people are standing up to say, we are ready for Ron Paul, the constitution and real change.

  • TanGeng

    I don’t think the system has gotten anymore equal. If anything it’s gotten a little more unequal.

    Poor people have to pay $400 for general care in an emergency room is ridiculous.