What’s So Bad About Mike Huckabee ?

George Will sums it up nicely:

Huckabee’s campaign actually is what Rudy Giuliani’s candidacy is misdescribed as being — a comprehensive apostasy against core Republican beliefs. Giuliani departs from recent Republican stances regarding two issues — abortion and the recognition by law of same-sex couples. Huckabee’s radical candidacy broadly repudiates core Republican policies such as free trade, low taxes, the essential legitimacy of America’s corporate entities and the market system allocating wealth and opportunity. And consider New Hampshire’s chapter of the National Education Association, the teachers union that is a crucial component of the Democratic Party’s base.


Huckabee’s role in this year’s ’70s Show is not merely to attempt to revise a few Republican beliefs. He represents wholesale repudiation of what came after the 1970s — Reaganism.

Mike Huckabee: He’s Nixon, but with a better shave.

H/T: Jason Pye

  • C Bowen

    Nixon never suggested he was a conservative, and never trusted conservatives. Huckabee scares them, as Will notes, because he would rebrand the word into something ever more, well, weird: leftwing activist, nominally, Christian.

    I have said elsewhere, Paul is less threatening to the establishment than Huck (or Guiliani for that matter, which Will downplays.)

  • Satan

    Oh, rounding up those AIDS pukes was MY idea! I also told that pudgy little fuck where to hide – it’s not MY fault that he’s so stupid he can’t even pass SEMINARY. He kept cleaning out my refrigerator too – that’s why I took away his appetite. He can’t do ANYTHING without My help. The dog wasn’t MY idea though – the Huckster trained all his children that way. The way I see it, if I can get voters to only vote for their religion, can WW4 be far away? And with a Know-nothing like Huckabee in office, getting him to start Armageddon will be as simple as telling him Islamic folk are EVIL – and he already believes that!

    Satan –> Bringing you political leaders for the best part of a decade!

  • Greg

    Let’s see
    Giuliani – neocon
    Huckabee – christian democrat
    Romney – Rockefeller republican
    McCain – maverick
    Thompson – alive?
    Paul – antiwar goldwater republican

    I think we’ve covered pretty much all directions the republican party can head in, which would explain why its almost 100% likely we’ll end up with some sort of brokered primary.

  • http://dangerouslyidealistic.blogspot.com/ UCrawford


    Reason’s Hit & Run had a neat little blurb about a 7 year old being perplexed as to why she had a more sophisticated reading list than he did:


    I thought it pretty much summed my problems with the man…he’s a pandering huckster.


    You forgot Keynesian Hooverite in your typologies. Of course, we don’t really need one of those in the race since we’ve already got one in the White House.

  • Chuck Drexel

    What is so amusing about Huckabee here in Iowa is that he is all hat and no cattle. But check out what happened at his pheasant hunt yesterday: http://www.intothevortex.net