Hillary Needs to Take Acting Lessons

Is anyone really buying this act? Are we really supposed to feel sorry for her having to deal with the ups and downs of running for president (to say nothing of the challenges of being president)? How stupid does she really think we are?

The thought that someone could be persuaded to support Hillary Clinton by this pathetic display makes me want to cry!

  • uhm

    I think she’s trying to pretend she cares about people. It is amusing hearing a coldblooded political strategist complain about how the presidential race is being treated like a game (it really is a shallow version of American Idol sadly). Translation: She’s losing and doesn’t like it

  • Ken H

    I have no doubt that Senator Clinton’s emotion was sincere. It’s been a long campaign and the candidates are running on fumes by today.

    As the saying goes, fatigue makes cowards of us all.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/Nitroadict/ Nitroadict

    I have no sympathy for corporate whores. If those crocodile tears were real, than I’m Jimmy Hoff-


  • Justin Bowen

    Given that there are so many people who simply look only at what a candidate says on the campaign trail or during the debates, I’d say that she and the other candidates feel that the American people are in fact stupid.

    That aside, I certainly don’t buy into this. If I weren’t already so sure that I would never vote for her under any circumstances, this would surely have convinced me to not vote for her. Unfortunately, I have to echo Stephen’s sentiments. It’s depressing to think that people are actually won over by these kinds of political stunts. But, people get the governments that they deserve in a democracy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did eventually win. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to see why people would vote for her. After all, how many people voted for Pope Huckabee simply because he was the most evangelical Christian in the group?

    I think she and the other candidates know how stupid the American voter is and are planning accordingly.