Doublespeak Definition Of The Day

Today’s word is bipartisan:

The word is used to describe a situation where two parties have ideas that are so atrocious individually that they could never be supported, but so important to the parties that they cannot be abandoned. Thus the parties compromise and both get what they want. The Republicans get what they want, and the Democrats get what they want, and the taxpayer gets the bill.

  • tarran

    “Here in America, we have two parties, the ‘Stupid Party’ and the ‘Evil Party’. The ‘Stupid Party’ wants to do good things, but keep coming up with stupid laws that do alot of damage. The ‘Evil Party’ pushes for laws that help them and their supporters at the expense of everyone else. Occasionally the two parties collaborate on passing laws that are both stupid and evil. This is called ‘bipartisanship'”

    Apocryphal story about an American trying to teach a Soviet visitor the U.S. political system at the height of the cold war

  • Nitroadict

    Most of the ass****’s running for president are not fooling me; this talk of bi-partianship is just a rallying call to try and get past each parties fundamental failures and treason to what each party used to stand for. Typical, typical: screw em, we’re up here on The Hill, they’re on the ground below, eating cake.

    Also, this is all sounding like to me a prelude to the eventual period of so called “bi-partisanship”, which of course the media will praise and magnify upon, that is actually a front for the two parties to continually work together almost as one giant corporatist, statist party. I wouldn’t be surprised if martial law were declared, they all decide to have a grand old time joining together on some united front to help protect America’s “interests”.

    It’s all so sickening; I don’t think being so cynical helps things either.

  • TanGeng

    Ahhh yes, bi-partisan

    Bi-partisan is code for log-rolling for shit awful ideas.

    If most votes are quite indifferent all the awful ideas in the country can be implemented with bi-partisan support.

  • Doug Mataconis

    Isn’t it interesting how bipartian ideas always involve increasing the size of government ?

  • TanGeng

    That’s because only with government can shit awful ideas be imposed on the people.

    Come on, Doug. It’s not that they wanted the increase in government. The increase in government is the only way it can be done.

  • UCrawford

    Reason Hit & Run just did a nice little piece on “bipartisanship” today when they discussed Jeff Flake.

  • UCrawford