The Club for Growth Releases New Anti-Huckabee Ad in Michigan

For the life of me, I don’t understand why so many “conservatives” support Mike Huckabee*. He raises taxes, increases spending, his anti-capitalist/populist rhetoric is indistinguishable from that of John Edwards (minus the “Two Americas” b.s.), he wants a national smoking ban in all workplaces, and he once thought that AIDS patients should be quarantined! Democrats traditionally want into our boardrooms while Republicans traditionally want into our bedrooms; Mike Huckabee wants to be in both! Basically, he is the William Jennings Bryan of our time.

*Well he is likable and has a great sense of humor – I’ll give him that. He also supports the Fair Tax. I’m afraid, however; that Huckabee might do more harm to the Fair Tax movement than good because of some of the reasons I mentioned above

  • UCrawford


    It’s because (as another commenter pointed out) a lot of people vote for the “team” and don’t bother to study the individual records of the politicians closely enough to understand what they’re actually voting for. They’re just willing to accept Huckabee’s word for it when he says he’s a “conservative Republican” (whatever the hell that is these days).

  • UCrawford

    Guess when it comes to politicians stating their political affiliations a lot of people follow the logic of Sean Connery’s character in “The Untouchables”…Huckabee says he’s a conservative, we’re being led by a massively unpopular “conservative” president, so they figure who would really claim to be that who was not?