A Good Point in the Ron Paul Kerfluffle

This point at Classically Liberal is really quite a good one.

Paul’s final defense is to ask us to believe that he doesn’t pay attention to his own affairs or what is done in his name. He doesn’t read the publications he sends out. In fact, he doesn’t even write his own material. He doesn’t investigate it when problems are brought to his attention. In other words his defense is that he isn’t a bigot but that he is totally inept in such matters. And he wants us to put him the White House — well we had enough of that kind of presidency already.

That’s exactly right. Either Paul knows who wrote these things and won’t speak out against someone who is clearly doing his campaign and libertarianism a massive disservice. Or he doesn’t know.

In one case he is lying and using “I can’t recall” as a defense. That reminds me strongly of Bill and Hillary. I said, then, that I couldn’t support either of them because of that, it would be hypocritical of me to do differently with Paul.

In the other case he is incompetent and inept in managing his staff. That reminds me strongly of George W. and Rumsfeld. I said many times that I couldn’t support that either. Again, hypocrisy.

So, no matter which of the two alternatives it is, Paul is just one more politician. Either a liar or an incompetent.

All you “libertarians” screaming about those of us who don’t support Paul, take that into consideration. He is behaving just like all the other statist politicians that you despise in order to gain the presidency. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ……..

Update: I won’t answer anyone that “debates” using ad hominem techniques. You are trying to discredit the message by attacking the messenger. Anyone who wishes to give me an alternative that is not one of those two, in a rational fashion, I will be happy to discuss it with you.

Update 2: I am not saying, in any way, shape or form that I think Paul is a racist. I am not implying it in any way, shape or form. Anyone who says anything to the contrary in the comments is either making a personal attack or doesn’t read for comprehension. In either case, I won’t respond per update 1.

Update 3: To clarify a bit, I personally think that what we have is a mix of the points that Doug makes here, incompetence in managing people and publications he was responsible for, and refusing to “throw someone under the bus” (which means that Paul is not telling the entire truth about something fairly despicable that he has knowledge of). As Doug and Mark have pointed out, Paul is damaging the message he is attempting to spread. He can either clean house (which we know he won’t do) or he can withdraw. Either of those options would help to prevent damaging his message about individual liberty. The path he is on will not.

Update 4: So, I really have to thank all of you who came by to comment, even the folks who weren’t really intelligible. It would appear that I have had the single best post for number of comments in the history of The Liberty Papers. I think that 174 (and still going strong) comments on a Ron Paul post definitely qualifies for a drink in UC’s little game!