Tax Hike Mike Sees Conspiracies

Christian leader and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee sees a vast right wing conspiracy against him:

MIKE HUCKABEE: We’re doing OK in South Carolina. We’re up on television, we’ve got a good budget here, a good buy. We also have an extraordinary ground operation in South Carolina. I really believe we’re going to win here; it makes sense for us to win here. We’re working hard. We don’t take anything for granted. Voters in South Carolina are very smart.

I don’t think they’re responding very well — there’s so much negative. There’s a bunch of Washington special interest groups that are coming into town today [the Club for Growth and Freedom Works are holding a joint presser on the Huckabee record] to attack me. It’s amazing. I’m the only guy who’s just getting hammered from some of these special interest groups, and I think that’ll really turn for me and against some of these folks. Because it’s pretty obvious that, there’s gotta be, almost this, I don’t want to use the word conspiracy, but there’s just an anxiety that exists in the Washington power circles about our candidacy.

Huckafraud should be kept away from the nuclear football at all costs.

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  • UCrawford

    I think I know where the Paulestinians are headed once Ron Paul drops out of the race :)

    Doesn’t Huckabee claim to be right-wing?

  • Brad Warbiany

    Conspiracy? The anxiety inside and outside of Washington is due to him being the worst of all possible worlds. A theocratic big-government socialist who thinks he knows better than we do in every aspect of our lives.

    The idea of Huckabee as President makes me anxious, and it has nothing to do with a conspiracy.

  • mikeD

    The idea (of Presidency)is absurd to begin with. Mike Huckabee would be annihilated in the general. It’s almost creepy to watch his media support, but we all know Romney is the talented centrist, with money, who will get the nomination. -And then Romney will get annihilated in the general.