Quote Of The Day: Broken Party Edition

From the always enjoyable to read Peggy Noonan:

George W. Bush destroyed the Republican Party, by which I mean he sundered it, broke its constituent pieces apart and set them against each other. He did this on spending, the size of government, war, the ability to prosecute war, immigration and other issues.

Were there other causes? Yes, of course. But there was an immediate and essential cause.

And this needs saying, because if you don’t know what broke the elephant you can’t put it together again. The party cannot re-find itself if it can’t trace back the moment at which it became lost. It cannot heal an illness whose origin is kept obscure.

At least as far as 2008 is concerned, it seems far too late to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  • http://dangerouslyidealistic.blogspot.com/ UCrawford


    To be honest, I think that’s what I hate Bush for more than anything else. I grew up a Republican because I believed in small government and economic freedom. I argued for Republican policies against my liberal professors all through college, I interned with a Republican state legislator who remains one of my personal role models, I worked in Republican political campaigns for my first post-college jobs and I’ve identified with the Republicans for most of my life since. I liked Bush’s platform in 2000 because it was essentially libertarian and classically Republican, but he completely abandoned those policies once he took power and in seven years he’s turned the GOP into a bunch of warmongering communists. He and the miserable bastards leading the national GOP now have destroyed the party I grew up with…and gotten a lot of people killed in the process to boot. I sincerely hate them for that.

    I guess now I can finally understand why until the day he died the mere mention of FDR used to send my grandpa into a rage every time.

  • Harry Rossman

    The last congress severely wounded the Republican Party. There wasn’t a spending program they did not like. The Democrats are currently the majority because the former RHINO’s (Republican in Name Only) abandoned every significant principle they supposedly held, in the name of cooperation with the Democratic minority. Why?? Because they were corrupt morally and financially. They caved in to just about every single demand the Democrats made using the threat of a floor fight to get their way.

    The (former) Republican Representatives and Senators got exactly what they deserved. I don’t see a wholesale replacement this time around with the Democrats, but they are heading blithely down the same road with Pelosi piping the way.

  • http://dangerouslyidealistic.blogspot.com/ UCrawford

    If there weren’t a war on where we had a lot of people dying pointless deaths in Iraq the pathetic back and forth between the Dems and the GOP would be almost funny. It’s two groups of idiots trying to outmaneuver each other with increasing acts of stupidity and theft. The GOP are led by a village idiot and a bunch of unlikeable bitter-enders in Congress and the Dems are led by two of the most inept persons ever to hold a Congressional leadership position (Pelosi, Reid).

    I believe in meritocracy and I don’t believe that a person’s should be judged according to their ethnicity, gender, nationality, etc…but seriously, if Pelosi weren’t a woman and liberals weren’t obsessed with collectivism her party would be in open revolt against her right now, screaming for her to step down. She’s the most godawful joke in Congress. Her only apparent qualification for being in charge of the Dems is her lack of a penis. If they had anyone with any competence in charge they’d be destroying the GOP in the 2008 election. Hell, like I said before it’s almost at the point where I’d vote for Bill Clinton for president if he were eligible to run (and I hated that guy)…that’s how bad it’s gotten. His foreign and fiscal policy was a lot less idiotic than Bush’s.

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/2005/11/22/a-bit-about-kevin/ Kevin

    Before we say the GOP is dead, we need to remember one thing; the Democrats are so inept that they’ll forget to tap the body twice to make sure its dead.

    Neither party will lead on the war.

    Neither party will lead on fiscal responsibility.

    Neither party will lead on limited government.

    Neither party will lead on competent government.

    Neither party will lead on Federalism.

    Neither party deserves to be in power.

  • uhm

    The Republican Party will live as long as there are divisive people like the Clintons around.

    The only choice is to let things run it’s course.

  • UCrawford

    Oh, I’m sure the GOP will survive. I’m just saying that they’re a horrible organization right now led by a lot of shitty people. Bush, Cheney, Boehner, McCain…I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on any of them if they were on fire.