Quote/Question of the Day: McCain Edition

Quoted from a John Samples’ article McCain vs. Madison

The election of a Progressive like Clinton or Obama would deprive conservatives of power. The election of a Progressive like McCain would deprive conservatives of both the government and the means to resist Progressivism. Which is the lesser evil?

Ditto for Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani.

  • Lost_In_Translation

    Except that the democrats control congress right now and look likely to control the senate. Would you rather have a reverse of the 2000 situation where the democrats take full control of the reigns of government or the 1996 situation where Clinton and the Republicans fought tooth and nail for everything. Frankly, McCain may reach across the isle to democrats, but he reaches far less than Hillary.

    That is…if McCain is the nominee at all. Romney has a shot if he wasn’t such a chameleon.

  • http://rabidtransit.higherground4x4.com Chris Brewer

    “Romney has a shot if he wasn’t such a chameleon.

    Comment by Lost_In_Translation — January 28, 2008 @ 2:27 pm ”

    Thats my feelins on Romney as well. I want to believe he is honest but I just cant get over how greasy he acts on TV. If Paul doesn’t win with a brokered convention then I am leaning towards a Romney vote