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January 31, 2008

Hillary Clinton = Tracey Flick

by UCrawford

Sometimes it’s like Slate Magazine reads my mind.

If you haven’t seen the movie “Election” (the 1995 film), it’s a political classic…surprisingly enough, a political classic produced by MTV.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary Clinton was their inspiration for Reese Witherspoon’s obsessively sociopathic character.

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  • Mark

    I actually prefer Summer from Napoleon Dynamite as a comparison for Hillary’s tendency to just go down a litany of programs that she’s going to put in place. At least that’s what Hillary’s stump speech reminds me of.

    Probably Tracey Flick is a better description of her more generally, though.

  • UCrawford

    Yeah, I’ve got it on DVD and the last time I saw it “She’s Hillary” kept running through my head the entire time.

    It really is a classic, though…whenever I watch it’s still just as funny. Alexander Payne, who also directed “Sideways”, really did an excellent job. That film also saved Matthew Broderick’s career.

  • Alicia Silverstone

    Obama Dirty Trick on Internet

    Dear Sisters and Brothers for Hillary,

    It is important, I think, to counter what is being said about Hillary and Chelsea on one very nasty pro-Obama website I came across, They are connecting up Bill’s thing with Monica Lewinsky with a hint of parental sexual abuse on Chelsea, if you can believe it! Quickly, I think, shouldn’t something should be done before it blows up in Hillary’s face as an “Internet rumor?”

    Onward to victory,
    Alicia Silverstone

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