Mitt Romney “Suspends” his Campaign

Mitt Romney, seeing the writing on the wall, has suspended his campaign according to CNN.

This essentially kills any chance of a brokered convention; John McCain, once written off as lacking the money needed to make it to Super Tuesday, will be the Republican nominee come the convention.

This is, of course, a disaster for the Ron Paul campaign. With the nomination uncontested, there will be no debates.  there will be little media coverage.  There will be no brokered convention to horse trade in. While I think Ron Paul should formally stay in the race until the convention, the educational phase of his campaign is at an end. The time has come for Ron Paul to look to converting the political movement that coalesced around him into a political faction that will field many more candidates and become major players within the Republican party. This movement must be one that will outlast his political career. He has done far better than I expected when he first announced his candidacy, and it is time to convert all that he has accomplished into something long-lasting.

On a personal note, though, I am enjoying the shadenfreude. As governor, Mitt Romney was a willing participant in many steps taken by the legislature to further wreck the state, most notably the budget busting mandated health care program. Had Mitt Romney won the nomination, he would have left Massachusetts like the Marines withdrawing from north Korea: “We’re not retreating; we’re advancing in another direction”. Now, when Romney finally does leave the state, there is a good chance it will be seen as a retreat from a state that he helped loot and wreck further. Why do I care? Because I live about half a mile from the Romney’s, and I am one of the guys being squeezed by his disastrous policies.

Fortunately all is not lost for the Republicans who liked Mitt Romney. The Democrats have a candidate who appears to share many of his views on government subsidies for big-business and socialized health care. And, I’m sure she would be very grateful for their votes.

I am an anarcho-capitalist living just west of Boston Massachussetts. I am married, have two children, and am trying to start my own computer consulting company.
  • Doug Mataconis


    At this point, Paul would do better to use what’s left of his fundraising $ to fund libertarian-leaning candidates for lower office than to spend another dime on the Presidential race.

  • John Campbell

    I say it’s time for Ron Paul to leave the Republican Party in disgust, and take all those disgusted Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham listeners with him, before they get convinced to circle the wagons and beat Hillary.

  • Paul

    Are you high!!!

    the real fight will start in March I am one of a a couple of dozen undeclared Delegates that will vote for Ron Paul. I talked to some of the MItt guys this morning they will not vote for McCain either will vote for PAUL.

    Grab your sock because we are about to crash your party!!!

  • David Wooten

    I don’t see that this is necessarily a ‘disaster’ for Paul. The debates certainly didn’t help him as he got very few questions, often ones that other candidates did not have to answer such as “Why did al-Qaeda attack US?”. As for media coverage, McCain is the one that benefits most from this. There is plenty of anti-McCain sentiment out there and Paul might benefit from it. Converting his campaign to a movement can take place at the same time as continuing from where he is now – if he continues to receive funds.

  • Nitroadict

    I also found it a bit satisfying knowing that Limbaugh endorsed Romney a few days earlier to the “suspended” campaign. Between Major. McPain and Theocratee, I’d imagine a lot of other Romney supporters are in between a rock and a hard place by now.

    There is also rumor that Gore will endorse Obama; seems to me the likley hood of Cliton going against McCain is dwindling. But this is all speculation, and we all know how that turns out :D .

    As I’ve read somewhere before, a lot can happen between now & june…

  • SC


    A “couple of dozen undeclared delegates” voting for Ron Paul is going to be a drop in the bucket. Let’s see…your two dozen for Paul vs. the what, about 600 or so declared so far for McCain…not a particularly close contest. If even half of Romney’s delegates bolt to Paul instead of biting the bullet and going for either McCain or Huckabee, that’s still not enough. Heck, even if every single one of Romney’s current delegates bolt to Paul, it won’t be enough…

    Sorry guys, sooner or later it’s going to be time to revert to reality mode and figure out what Plan B ought to be. The numbers just aren’t there for it to happen, and enthusiastically declaring that a couple of dozen delegates is all that’s needed to change it all isn’t going to change it any more than Canute could stop the tide.

  • tim, minnesota

    This could not be a better story for the revolution. MSM has not, nor will support Ron. So get over this idea. The revolution has been grassroots driven, one vote at a time. I am 50, have seen a lot over the years and Ron has a much better chance to win nomination for republican president today than yesterday. Check the bookie results in Vegas. They know the odds better than MSM or position here. I stick a fork in this article.

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  • Doug Mataconis


    Under what plausible theory do you base your optimism ?

  • Mrs. Watson

    Wow. Are the McCain people actually afraid of Ron Paul? By looking at it, the race is still on. If you’re curious about why Ron Paul is so popular, go to to learn about Doctor Ron Paul. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :)

  • Veritas

    I am so proud to be supporting a man that is the only one from this list of characters, that is truly worthy of being called the President of the United States. Ron Paul is the only one fighting for the military right now, that is probably why he has the most military support, combined from both Republicans and Democrats. I love this man, I didn’t even know there were such men still in politics. If you don’t know about Ron Paul please inform yourselves, stop being complacent and passive. This is the time to take over our country, restore the Constitutional Republic and safeguard our rights.

  • oilnwater

    oh, Ron Paul should use his money to fund the libertarians… LOL !!

    hey, maybe someone should give Ron a stack of mataconis’ blogs, then ask him what he thinks of that idea rofl.

  • John Bowery

    No surprises here. A little recognized fact was that Romney was almost as much of a pariah (to the Neo-Conservatives & the New World Order) as Ron Paul. That is why neither one had a chance to win this nomination. That is also why Limbaugh held off on any endorsement until it was too late to help. McCain’s comeback was a carefully orchestrated media event, including Huckabee’s Romney-Killer faux campaign, and was a foregone conclusion even before the Iowa caucuses. And to top it all off, Limbaugh can still claim that he tried to fight off this putrid excuse for a candidate, John McCain.

  • Libertas

    “about 600 or so declared so far for McCain” *cough* you mean undeclared for mccain right cause most of his delegates are bound to vote for him :p welcome to the games.

    check mate in 9 months.

    your move.

  • SC

    Mrs. Watson,

    “If you’re curious about why Ron Paul is so popular”? Given his numbers in the primaries so far (with a handful of exceptions, the single digit percentages), he seems to have an approval rating lower W’s.

  • gene

    good riddance you maniac