Is Ron Paul Readying For A Third Party Run ?

Ron Paul was in Lynchburg today speaking at Liberty University and there seemed to be some indication that his people are already looking at a third party run:

[T]he important thing is this: his staffers were collecting signatures for a Ron Paul presidential run in Virginia. They talked as if he will be on the ballot no matter what. This is good news for his supporters, bad news for McCain. Dr. Paul has continued to be coy about whether he will run as an independent, but I feel confident that he will.

We’ll see.

Personally, I’ve always doubted it because running as an independent would put his Congressional seat at risk, and he’s given every indication that he is running for re-election to Congress. More importantly, though, is how they’d be able to get on the ballot nationwide — it’s not an easy task for a third-party candidate. If he ran as a Libertarian, then he’d be able to access their ballot-access operation, though. Of course, none of it will matter if he continues to poll below 10% nationally — if that happens he won’t get invited to debates and won’t get a lot of free media coverage.

H/T: Jason Kenney

Update: As one comment notes, there’s also a report that there will not be a third-party run:

Ron Paul will not run as a third party candidate. I was on his national conference call last night and he said himself, “we don’t want to lose my congressional seat”. He said he would continue in the Republican Presidential primary as long as the money and support are there, just like he’s been saying. But he very specifically mentioned his congressional seat and he was taking care of various votes and other business in congress the last couple days to ensure he would be ready for the primary vote for his seat in Texas next month. Texas has the “LBJ” law which allows anyone to run for congress and President at the same time. This is what Dr. Paul is doing and he cannot run as a third party candidate for President while running as a Republican for congress, the Texas Republican party would toss him out.

This is exactly what I would expect, but why were they gathering signatures in Lynchburg ?

  • Max

    Of coarse if he drops out of the republican race he’s gonna go to a third party, we’ve given him over 30 million dollars Ron Paul is in for the long haul he knows the crossroads where at and he’s knows whats at stake, Ron Paul has more name recognition then when he first started his campaign, he’s gonna be Ross Perot on steroids.

  • Cal Ulmann

    Daily Paul says he is not running 3rd party to protect his Congressional seat.

  • KipEsquire

    He told Russert on MTP back in January that he would not seek a third-party run.

  • VoiceofReason

    Hahahahaha! The grassroots are not going to tell you what the signatures are for….and this isn’t going on just in Virginia.

  • Patriot Henry

    Ron Paul should run as a republican.

  • John Newman

    Is it just me or does anyone else find old Doug a bit obsessed and consumed with every tidbit of Paul gossip, hearsay, smear, rumor, whisper, untruth, traveling the internet grapevine? I find it particularly odd since he has confessed to planning to vote for the socialist, Obama.

  • Darel

    I attended Ron’s visit to Liberty this morning and he did an amzaing job. My girlfriend graduated from Liberty. What I did notice was that during his speach I noticed the kids are sold on war and the agression of war. As a Christian i began to oppose the war in Iraq after “W” stated before the nation that Iraq had nothing to do with Iraq. Don’t get me wrong Paul had lots of support from the kids but I’m just sharing the facts. I talked to a lot of the kids and they appear to be a pro-huckabee crowd for a few reasons for one one of the sons of Fawell endorced Hucakbee late summer and Huckabee had already visited months ago to shore up his support. But most of the kids who attend liberty are not from Va.

    I didn’t have a chance to wait around to speak to dr paul but he did an amaing and provided several reasons to support his run and tied the freedom of religion into the value of supporting the law of he land.

    By the way Doug no one really cares what you think.. and none of us have seen you on the donar sheet as a donar to Paul.

    Doug is also located at another blog source. I have noticed that Doug does not dare touch the Paul topic unless some signs of frustration are found.

    We can expect to see posts from Doug for while until we win some more for Paul.

  • Doug Mataconis


    I said long ago. I haven’t donated money to any politician in almost 20 years, and have no intention of starting now.

    I have better things to do with the money I earn.

  • Owen

    Sign me up, if McCain wins the Republican nod I, like countless other Republicans, will be looking for a good 3rd party candidate!

  • Brad

    Is there something that would prevent Paul from running as a third party for his congressional seat? I am pretty sure regardless of what party appeared next to his name, he would easily win the seat.

  • bruce

    i have to suspect that, at his age, he’s probably ready to retire from Congress anyways, and I think, IF THE MONEY KEEPS COMING, he will be obligated to go for a Green or Independent or Libertarian Party run, if not create a brand new Party, that I’d like to see called the Founder’s Constitution Party (as opposed to the Constitution now after Bush, et. al. The RICO Act comes to mind…) The Constitution has been on the rocks for long time!

    As an incumbent, he’d still win his Congress seat back, and, if not, he could start working on 2012, or working with someone like Nader and/or Kucinich on shared goals…

  • bruce

    Paul/Kucinich in 08! :)

  • Christencom

    Ron Paul will not go Libertarian Party. If he did, he’d face Wayne Root. And Root is already gaining a lot of support. He won the Missouri Libertarian Primary, and placed second in Arizona on Super Tuesday.

    Root is much more energetic and attractive than Paul. I’ll vote LP, but only if they nominate someone like Wayne Root, not an extremist candidate.

  • Doug Craig

    how was on the ballot for the Lp.Ron Paul would be good for the lp.We would bring in new members new money.The Lp would get benefits for years. If he runs it will be under the LP banner.
    Why not have Rand Pail run for his house seat. We would give him the money that he needs. The Paul could run LP and help push the freedom fight to the next level./

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