Another Quote Of The Day: John McCain Is Right Edition

Some would say it’s tastless, but I’m not one of them:

Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain Friday said he hoped Fidel Castro’s resignation would be followed by his speedy demise, and rapped Democrat Barack Obama for offering talks with Cuba’s next leader.

“Fidel Castro announced that he would not remain as president — whatever that means,” McCain said in Indianapolis.

“And I hope that he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon.

Along with Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Che Guevara.

  • John V


    No. McCain is wrong. What’s the point of the tough talk? It’s pure demagoguing.

    Libertarians can have quirks. I know I do.

    But to somehow suggest that any useless rhetoric that maintains a firm line against normalized relations with a country is simply ridiculous.

    Cuba would have everything to gain. Normalized relations with Cuba would get government out of the way of regular people communicating, trading and traveling. Such a simple idea of regular people being able to interact would do far more than over 40 years of tough talk has done.

  • tarran

    Honestly, the more I listen to John McCain, the less respect I have for him.

    The only effect the embargo has is to make the Cuban populace poorer.

    Poorer people have to devote more energy to getting the necessities of life and thus have little time and energy for trying to resist an oppressive government.

    The net effect of the embargo is to punish the Cuban people and strengthen the communists’ grip on power. In soccer they call that an “own goal”.