Monday Open Thread — Question For The An-Caps

As long-time readers of this blog know, I tend towards anarcho-capitalism from time to time, but have had lingering doubts. So here’s the question:

We have seen that areas outside of the “government” provision of security tend towards abuse. The specific instance I’m referring to is the gang or mafia model, where those groups designed to protect purveyors of “illicit” goods/services such as drugs, gambling, prostitution, etc, rule their “consumers” through fear and threat of force. A consumer fears retribution if they attempt to seek out another provider of security, and the damage created by “turf wars” hurts us all.

So the question is this: is there any reason why such a situation will not occur in an an-cap society? The nature of security is such that it is a good procured by the weak from the strong, and there may or not be incentives for the strong to behave towards one another in a civilized manner. Will private security forces be anything other than small feudal organizations?

Note — This question doesn’t mean that an an-cap society may not be better than our current monstrosity of government abuse. But to evaluate whether it will be better or not, we should ensure that we know what society we’re evaluating, not a utopian version of that society.