Ron Paul Wins TX-14

It’s usually not news when a ten-term incumbent wins re-election to Congress, but there was some speculation that Ron Paul’s quixotic campaign for President would hurt him among his constituents in Texas’ 14th Congressional District.

As it turned out, the Congressman had little to worry about:

DALLAS—Republican Ron Paul didn’t get many votes for president in his home state, but he easily won the primary night nomination for his congressional seat.

Paul—an Internet sensation in his presidential bid—easily defeated local Councilman Chris Peden in the Houston-area District 14 on Tuesday night.

Paul, a 10-term congressman, only drew single-digit votes for president.

Full results here.

And here’s Paul’s statement last night as reported by Hit & Run:

“I am honored that the voters in the 14th District expressed their continued confidence in my leadership by overwhelmingly reelecting me to the House of Representatives. I have no Democrat opponent in November and will serve another term in Congress where I will continue my battle in behalf of taxpayers.

My message of limited-government and upholding the Constitution has once again been endorsed by the conservative-minded voters in my district. They understand and support the battle I have waged for thirty years to make the federal government smaller, to reduce wasteful government spending, to balance the budget, and to promote a foreign policy that always puts America first.

Some Washington insiders would have you believe that Republicans no longer believe in the principles our country and party were founded upon, but the voters in my district have once again proven them wrong.

The message of freedom is popular, and I will continue to trumpet it in Congress and across America as I fight on behalf of the conservative, common sense values which made our country so great.

In conclusion, I would like to offer my thanks and gratitude to all of the wonderful people who supported me in this campaign. I look forward to representing all of the good people of the 14th District of Texas in Congress in the years to come.”

In other words, no third party run notwithstanding persistent rumors to the contrary.

And, with John McCain clinching the GOP nomination last night, the Republican Presidential campaign is, for all practical purposes, over.

  • GDon

    I struggle why Ron Paul has any confidence in GOP as “his” party.

    The current neocon GOP despises and detests Ron Paul – more than Obama, Hillary or Osama Bin Laden.

    Even if the Paul followers were to miraculously “take over” the GOP, it would be the inheritence of a soul-less vessel, whose members are mindless drones in the best Orwellian fashion.