Simon Says: Damnable Dalliances

There once was a man from New York
Who had quite the fondness for pork
He porked a hooker
Though she’s quite a looker
In prison stripes he’ll look like a dork

The mayors of Detroit & Newark hold mistress’
Two women that have put them in distress
Their sensuous thighs
Won’t cover the lies
Because we all know what the meaning of is is

  • Stephen Littau

    Good stuff Mr. Jester! Great to see you make an appearance.

    Both of these mayors should be fine. If we learned anything from the late 1990’s we know that it’s okay to obstruct justice and lie under oath if it has to do with sex.

  • Allen in Fort Worth

    If a Governor-elect’s Democratic,
    And denials of affairs are emphatic,
    Then someone with clout,
    Should check the guy out
    For behavior that’s sexually erratic.

    Hope this is good enough to get me added to your blogroll. GREAT SITE ! ! !

    Allen in Fort Worth