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April 4, 2008

Thank You, Big Oil

by UCrawford

Glenn Beck on CNN wrote a nice little piece about the hypocrisy of “environmentalists” and why we shouldn’t be demonizing “Big Oil” for working for profit.  Worth a quick read.

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  • bob

    Sadly the main issues here are so drowned out by petty bickering, rhetoric, finger pointing. We need objective, unbiased, neutral studies – this is science peer reviewed science and it has overwhelmingly conclusive evidence that much of the environmental problem is man made. Who cares what Gore said or didn’t say? I don’t even in know where to start with the sophomoric conniving guile of Mr beck. We have to educate ourselves and become aware and sober up to see thru to the issues, beyond the immature, mud slinging, ego, gossip obnoxious distraction and diversion the media has become.

  • UCrawford


    I’m a global warming skeptic, but I think it’s important to take measures to reduce pollution and explore alternative energy sources. The problem is that the government is going to be incapable of making either of those things happen without reducing us to poverty. Also, government tends to create as many or more ecological problems than it solves.

  • oilnwater

    glenn beck is a disgusting snake. even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

  • UCrawford


    I don’t generally have a great (or really any) opinion of him and I rarely read his stuff, but I thought the article was decent and hit the important points.

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