The Speed Of Government

I’ve found something that the government does quickly. When you owe them taxes at this time of the year, they don’t waste time. I owed at the end of this year, and there was maybe a 3-4 day from the time we SENT the check and the day it cleared. That check cleared faster than giving it to a crackhead with a gambling problem…

…which is a lot like government, when you really think about it!

  • Brian T. Traylor

    I noted the same phenomenon in a letter to the editor last year.

    In June, the state house passed two laws: a tax increase on tobacco and a tax break on groceries. The tobacco tax took effect two weeks later. The grocery tax reduction? Six months.

  • Matt Johnston

    The funny thing is when you file eletronically early in the season (like mid-February) and for some reason screwed up your math and are owed a refund, it can take weeks for that money to appear in your account.