Why Not Just Get Rid Of The Sixth Amendment While You’re At It ?

A state legislator in Tennessee opens a new front in the drunk driving wars:

Defense attorneys would be banned from advertising their expertise with drunken driving cases under a bill advancing in the Senate.

Sen. Rosalind Kurita, a Clarksville Democrat, successfully added the provision to a bill that would create an online registry of repeat DUI offenders in Tennessee.

Kurita says officials have a hard enough time convicting drunken drivers without lawyers advertising their expertise in the field and offering discounts to DUI defendants.

Hey, Senator Kurita, why not just go all the way and get right of those pesky trials altogether ?

  • Thomas Blair

    I love my state.


    Honestly, though, the state has emaciated the 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th Amendments. The 2nd is teetering and the 3rd is anachronistic. Why shouldn’t they be going after the 6th, too?

  • MikeF

    No doubt. It is not like we were actually using them or anything.