In Favor Of The Electoral College

Why do I like the electoral college?

Because living in California, these people aren’t canceling out my vote.

Remember, those of you who worship at the altar of democracy, these people are actually allowed to vote. Hannitized, every last one of them.

It’s about individual rights, people, not about democracy. The former is an end, the latter is a means. And that means– with voters like these– doesn’t always [or even usually] lead to increased freedom and individual rights.

  • Pepe Johnson

    As a native of West Virginia, I am often compelled to defend my home – where most of my family has lived since the 1700s.

    The media likes to play games. Sometimes they will work to advance one group by dispelling stereotypes, and other times they will work to reinforce them. Usually when it comes to West Virginia, they like to reinforce. They will intentionally avoid those Mountaineers who are college-educated with good dental health. They forget West Virginia has also produced people like Gen. Chuck Yeager, former Sec. of State Cyrus Vance, and other good people without titles.

    As I climb down from my pulpit, thanks for sharing the clip. You’re right, it does make for the strongest argument to keep the Electoral College.

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  • KipEsquire

    As an extremely small state (only three Representatives and therefore five electoral votes), West Virginia is of course overrepresented in the Electoral College.

  • UCrawford

    And I like the electoral college instead of democracy because it means that smaller states like Kansas and West Virginia have a say in national politics and aren’t completely drowned out by population centers like New York, Florida, and the People’s Democratic Republic of California. :)

  • UCrawford

    That said…

    “I don’t like that Hussein thing…I’m sick to death of Hussein”

    Fucking idiot shitkicker…she is a poster child for all that is wrong with rednecks. Let’s see Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy show that side of the rural American demographic in their crappy routines.

  • Brad Warbiany


    I don’t mean to single out West Virginia. There are ill-informed morons that cancel out votes nationwide, especially here on the left coast. They just seemed a particularly poignant example.


    I’m actually not for or against the electoral college, nor for or against democracy, per se. I am in favor of expanding freedom and individual rights. If democracy or the electoral college do so, then I’ll take it. If libertarian judges strike down state power (in opposition to the democratically-enacted policy) via judicial fiat, I’ll take that too. I just often point out that democracy is not a panacea in advance of liberty, and “50%+1” does not make a government legitimate or correct in its actions.

  • oilnwater

    the tyranny of the majority, yeah.

    the only intended democratic process in this republic is supposed to be elections. personally i’m against the electoral college as they can be corrupted into a decision easier than the general population can. not that it really matters anymore, Diebold took care of real voting.

  • Quincy

    oilnwater –

    A cheap shot at Diebold? C’mon, you can do better than that.

    Besides, you think Diebold has got any chance against the insane gerrymandering and vote buying of the people already in power?

  • oilnwater

    hey i was expecting much worse than that just for bringing it up. at any rate, when you look at the company’s ownership the activities and people you mentioned go hand in hand with the machines.

    man i guess i’m a lot more anti-corporate than i realized. it’s just that i see these days as the same sort of technologically stagnant era as before the automobile and even decades after, where societies and economies suffered and corporations did take serious advantage of people and put no investment in R&D or real development and instead used their resources for either simple control of populations or distributing stagnant product. and now in this era we’re facing the same sort of dark age where the Computer Age is starting to run flat and all we get are rehashed walkmans and phones, while also the energy and transportation infrastructure is in the early stages of complete crumble. the whole scene just feels of deep decay, and old tech now being refined for simple control.

    completely unrelated tangent to the topic? you bet! it’s really late and the loony in me is shining %100 :P

  • David Wilson

    God bless the electoral college. Now if only the States elected Senators again…