Live Blogging the Libertarian Convention Vote

To win the nomination, a candidate has to earn a majority of votes. Most likley there will be several rounds of voting. I’ll post the totals from each round.

1st Vote

Bob Barr 153 (25%)

Mary Ruwart 152 (25%)

Wayne Allyn Root 123 (20%)

Mike Gravel 71 (11%)

George Phillies 49

Steve Kubby 41

Mike Jingozian 23

Christine Smith 6

None of the above 2

Total votes 579*

*Ron Paul, Penn Jillette, and Daniel Imperato also received votes but where not considered part of the tally

Jingozian and Smith are eliminated; Jingozian throws his support behind Gravel.

Smith is outraged that Bob Barr has the lead; tells delegates to support “a real Libertarian.”

2nd Vote

Bob Barr 188 (30%)

Mary Ruwart 162 (26%)

Wayne Allyn Root 138 (22%)

Mike Gravel 73

George Phillies 36

Steve Kubby 32

None of the above 1

Total votes 630

Kubby eliminated; backs Ruwart.

3rd Vote

Bob Barr 186 (29.6%)

Mary Ruwart 186 (29.6%)

Wayne Allyn Root 146 (23.2%)

Mike Gravel 78 (12.4%)

George Phillies 31

None of the above 1

Total votes 628

George Phillies eliminated; endorses no one. Stress unity: “The enemy is not in here [the Libertarian Convention], the enemy is out there!”

4th Vote

Bob Barr 202 (32%)

Mary Ruwart 202 (32%)

Wayne Allyn Root 146 (24%)

Mike Gravel 76 (12%)

None of the above 2

Total votes 629

Gravel eliminated.

5th Vote

Bob Barr 223 (36%)

Mary Ruwart 229 (37%)

Wayne Allyn Root 165 (26%)

None of the above 0

Total votes 617

Root eliminated; supports a Barr/Root ticket

6th Vote

Bob Barr 324 54%

Mary Ruwart 276 46%

None of the above 4 1%

Total votes 604

Barr Wins! Bob Barr will represent the Libertarian Party in the 2008 election.

  • Ken H

    What were the totals for Ruwart, Barr, and Kubby on the first ballot? I am watching C-SPAN on the Internet and the numbers weren’t clear enough on the small screen.


  • Norm Nelson

    Barr 123 25%
    Ruwart 122 25%
    Kubby squeeked into the next round with 7%

  • Ken H

    Looks like it’s a three horse race – Barr, Ruwart, Root.

  • Mark

    I’m still very much a believer that Barr is the smartest choice for the LP. But I have to admit that Mary Ruwart comes across quite well. The LP could do worse than her. At this stage in the game, it looks like it’s going to be between Barr and Ruwart – Root isn’t gaining much as people drop out. Does Root endorse Barr if Root gets eliminated?

  • Ken H

    It definitely looks like the Root supporters will eventually tip this nomination to Barr or Ruwart – I guess on the 6th ballot.

  • Norm Nelson

    What does it say that WAR gets no votes from the Nevada delegates?

  • Stephen Littau

    Sorry for the delay guys. I’ve been having technical problems. I moved to a hard line. The wi-fi sucks at the convention.

  • Stephen Littau

    Barr/Root! Barr/Root! Barr/Root!

  • Kevin

    So the Libertarian Party is actually going to nominate someone sane…..

    I’ll have someone to vote for.

  • Ken H

    Looks like McCain could save himself a lot of trouble by just withdrawing from the presidential race immediately. 8-)

  • oilnwater

    sweet, so the LP went ahead and nominated the sour grapes old-line DrugWar GOP fake freedom-oriented candidate who switches his positions according to whatever party he finds himself in. enough said there, your microwave JohnnyCakes are done.

  • Nitroadict

    Fiasco is as Fiasco does.