So-Called, Quote, Candidate McCain

Exhibit A, back in 2006:

I would rather have a clean government than one where quote First Amendment rights are being respected

Exhibit B, earlier this month:

We are now going to have the courts flooded with so-called, quote, Habeas Corpus suits against the government, whether it be about the diet, whether it be about the reading material.

Exhibit C, just a few days ago:

I trust the people and not the so-called economists to give the American people a little relief.

Sounds like what people have said about his meanness is true. He can’t seem to oppose a policy or a person without denigrating them using of language of ridicule.

I can only imagine how he’d blow his top if I told him what I thought of all his years of so-called national service in his Senate career.

  • UCrawford


    I think your examples are not so much about “meanness” as they are about McCain just having a really skewed idea of how the world actually works.

    Kind of like the entire flap today with Obama turning down public funding for his campaign. I have no idea why McCain decided to make an issue of that as if Obama was somehow betraying the voters by not taking their tax dollars to fund his campaign…but yet he’s out there flinging rocks about how Obama’s decision is a violation of peoples’ “trust” or whatever. If I were one of Obama’s spin doctors I know that one of my first remarks to the press would be something along the lines of “I’m sorry that the Senator’s offended by the fact that we’re able to stick to a budget and run our campaign without needing the government to prop us up. Perhaps Senator McCain should reexamine why his organization is so dysfunctional that it needs to redirect our tax dollars to keep it afloat. Especially since he’s campaigning for a job that requires an ability to identify bad spending habits.”

    Of course, I doubt Obama’s campaign would use a line like that since they seem intent on avoiding snark whenever possible. :)

  • Akston

    In otherwise snark-infested waters?

  • UCrawford


    Indeed :)

  • Kevin

    It’s things like this why I probably won’t vote for Barack Obama, I definitely will not vote for John McCain.

  • Stephen Littau

    Obama didn’t turn down public financing out of principle but out of convenience. If he needed the funding, I have no doubt that he would have taken it.He’s transparent as hell.