Question Of The Day: RNC Convention Edition

Why is it that when I hear a phrase like “County First” being repeated over and over again at the GOP Convention, the other phrase that comes to mind is “Freedom Second” ?

  • ThomasBlair

    I’m surprised that you even think “Freedom Second”, given that they don’t give a shit about freedom. It’s more like, “Freedom, if God, Country, and Power don’t conflict with it!”

  • Don Lloyd

    If ‘County is First’, is Township third or fourth?

    Regards, Don

  • Dan Melson

    I agree with your concern over “country first” Alas, we live in a day of sound bites and bumper stickers, and the attention span of your typical voter has shrunk to match.

    “Country before self” would be better, but it doesn’t have that marketing catchiness.

    “freedom” is a word that doesn’t poll well for politicians, because it has been over-used and mis-used and abused every which way – and it’s so bad that the average voter not only knows this, but gets turned off by it.

    On the other hand, given the two real alternatives and their impact upon freedom and the constitution, it’s not even close – I’m voting Republican. I would be happier about this if they were better about it, but compared to a party that wants to repeal the 13th Amendment, bring back conscription, and make everything subject to government control by suffocating regulation and their oh so generous forbearance in not lowering the boom or giving you special dispensations because you support the right candidates (wink wink).

  • Quincy

    No reason, none at all… Please move along and ignore the man behind the curtain…