What About McCain’s Legislative “Accomplishments” ?

We’ve heard a lot this week about Barack Obama’s lack of experience, Sarah Palin’s supposed experience, and John McCain’s military experience.

As Reason Magazine’s Matt Welch notes, however, we haven’t heard much about the legislative accomplishments of the GOP’s nominee, mostly because they encompass things that Republicans would be embarressed to mention:

  • Tom G

    I brought this up at Sadly, No! today. As I expected, somebody defending McCain trotted out a list for me to see. My response was basically – “So how come McCain himself hasn’t really brought these up as proof that he’s taken on the Establishment, that he’s actually DONE SOMETHING for the average American during his time in office?”

  • http://www.not-quiteright.net/tvg/ Alex

    Indeed. His most aggressive bipartisan accomplishments of recent years regarded global warming, immigration, and campaign finance reform. Unfortunately, McCain’s action on these pieces of legislation contradict the Republican Party’s current (and former) platform.