Weekend Open Thread: Presidential Debate Drinking Game

We’ve already seen one debate between McCain and Obama. And frankly, although I was drinking beer at the time, I was far too even-keeled to be able to take this nonsense. We’ve got two more of these, and we need something to make it a bit more interesting.

So I propose a Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

Terms of the open thread are as such: post any rule that you think is necessary for the game. I’ll start:

Take a drink for any time McCain refers to Ronald Reagan.

Who’s next?

  • thomasblair

    Adding a rule requiring a drink at any Obama mention of “hope” or “change” (or any reasonable derivative) is tantamout to attempted murder, so I’ll propose the following:

    2) Take a drink for every American flag in the background on stage.

  • thomasblair

    3) Take a drink when McCain says, “…my friend(s)…”.

  • timthee

    4) take a drink every time Obama says “this administration”

  • nicolas

    5)take a drink at every reference to “Main Street.”

  • David Wilson

    6)take a drink every time someone references “failed policy”

  • Ben

    Take a drink every time “Wall Street” or “Main Street” is mentioned.

  • http://www.orderhotlunch.com Jeff Molby

    I just came up with the perfect drinking game. Most drinking games will leave you dead in a gutter. This one is perfectly self-limiting.

    I take a shot whenever they make me want to take a shot. :-) After about 10 minutes I’m numb enough that I’m laughing at the tv instead of throwing my remote. Then I can put the bottle down until I sober up enough to get pissed off again.