When Ron Paul Is Right, He’s Right

I’ve been fairly critical of Ron Paul’s political instincts, especially his recent decision to endorse Chuck Baldwin for President, but when it comes to the impending Paulson-Bernake bailout, he’s one of the few voices in Congress talking about what’s really at stake.

Here’s video from the Joint Economic Committee hearing late last week:

And here he is on Fox with Neil Cavuto:

The consequences of this bailout are something that nobody is talking about, but which we’ll all have to deal with. For all his faults, Ron Paul is one of the few people on Capitol Hill talking about the consequences of this bailout over the long-term.

  • uhm

    If one good thing that has happened from Ron Paul’s candidacy is that his message on fiscal responsibility got out. Ron Paul was on Fox News and was given props for warning about this crisis. That is a spectacular feat.