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When Ron Paul Is Right, He’s Right

I’ve been fairly critical of Ron Paul’s political instincts, especially his recent decision to endorse Chuck Baldwin for President, but when it comes to the impending Paulson-Bernake bailout, he’s one of the few voices in Congress talking about what’s really at stake.

Here’s video from the Joint Economic Committee hearing late last week:

And here he is on Fox with Neil Cavuto:

The consequences of this bailout are something that nobody is talking about, but which we’ll all have to deal with. For all his faults, Ron Paul is one of the few people on Capitol Hill talking about the consequences of this bailout over the long-term.

Weekend Open Thread: Presidential Debate Drinking Game

We’ve already seen one debate between McCain and Obama. And frankly, although I was drinking beer at the time, I was far too even-keeled to be able to take this nonsense. We’ve got two more of these, and we need something to make it a bit more interesting.

So I propose a Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

Terms of the open thread are as such: post any rule that you think is necessary for the game. I’ll start:

Take a drink for any time McCain refers to Ronald Reagan.

Who’s next?

Ron Paul & Bob Barr: It’s Time to Unite!

Whether you consider yourself a libertarian (big “L” or small “l”), classical liberal, a Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan/Ron Paul Republican, Objectivist, or just simply want less government and more freedom we should always remember that there is far more which unites us than divides us. This is not to suggest that these finer points of these philosophies are not important—they are. The foes of liberty in the Democrat and Republican Parties want us to be divided. As long as we fight amongst ourselves, we are marginalized and they win. I think George Phillies said it best at the ’08 Libertarian National Convention: “The enemy is not in here, the enemy is out there!”

The liberty movement is much bigger than the Libertarian Party, Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Lew Rockwell, Cato, or Reason. All have made an invaluable contribution to the cause of liberty and should be applauded for their efforts. Let’s not lose sight of the big picture.

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