Hopefully, This Is Just The Beginning

Well, it’s been quite a week.

On Monday, the voices of those opposed to further government intervention in the economy scored a surprising victory when the House of Representatives voted the proposal down.

That victory was short-lived, however, because only two days later the Senate, after adding a bunch of pork to the House’s crap sandwich, overwhelmingly passed the bill and told us that we were just too dumb to understand what was necessary. Then today, the Paulson-Bernake Bailout passed the House on the second try thanks to 26 Republicans and 32 Democrats who managed to change their mind in four days, and President Bush signed it into law before the ink had dried on the paper.

It’s pretty easy to be pessmisstic at the outcome, but Leslie Carbone thinks there’s reason to take heart:

For four days, we held Leviathan off. Against an Administration that prizes cronyism over competency and stampedes over dissenters, against the inclination of politicians to slurp up power like chocolate milkshakes, against a Wall-Street lobby that has tons of money to buy pols and ads to proclaim its dire financial straits, we held Leviathan off. Against all the doomsday talk, the cynical appeals to the greed, laziness, and irresponsibility that beset human nature, and the knee-jerk reflex to do something, anything, no matter how bad, we held Leviathan off.

We flooded Congress with calls and emails. We raised free-market objections and alternatives. We called for government to uphold the natural justice that rewards virtue and punishes vice.

If you voiced your opposition to this bail-out to your Senators and Representative, in a blog post or a letter to the editor or a call to a talk-radio show, or in a conversation with a friend or family member, you are part of a historic effort, an effort to throw off the soft tyranny of federal molly-coddling.

Every movement to cast off the yoke of tyranny has started with a small group of dedicated believers who fought their way through tremendous early discouragements.

So is this the beginning of something ? I certainly hope so. It’s certainly a sign that the public doesn’t buy in to the idea that the government exists to solve everyone’s problems. That alone is reason for optimism.

  • thomasblair

    It’s not the beginning. We’re balls-deep in the ass of this messy experiment called liberal democracy, and it’s only going to get worse.. Empires always collapse. True liberty lies in a voluntaryist society free from political rulers.

  • TerryP

    There is one sliver of hope through this is that if we can beat back the people that are calling this a failure in the market, a failure of deregulation, and the only people at fault are the big wigs on Wall Street and replace that with this being a colossal failure of big gov’t, which it most certainly is maybe, just maybe we will be able to pull those people that are sick and tired of bailing out irresponsibility over to libertarianism.

    We may have our work cut out for us, but this may actually be a huge opportunity for us as Obama becomes President and tries to spend us into oblivion. The republicans really won’t have much credibility on this issue, but Libertarians will. It may be possible to bring over the “working-class” of the republicans to libertarianism as we may become the “second” party as the only party calling for fiscal responsibility. If they stay within the republican party that is fast becoming just a wing of the democratic party, they will become irrelevant.

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/ Brad Warbiany

    Let me see if I can paraphrase…

    For four days, we held the barbarians at the gate. The seething, snarling attacks were brutal. On the first day, we repelled them from our walls, holding the barbarians at the gate. On the second day, they advanced, lobbing projectiles and laying siege to our freedom, but we held the barbarians at the gate. On the third day, they set fire to our guard posts, cut off our supplies, but we held the barbarians at the gate. On the fourth day, they picked off our outer defenses, and began tunnelling underneath our walls, but we held the barbarians at the gate.

    On the fifth day, the barbarians crashed through the gate, raped our women, sold our children, and killed our men.

    But we have a good feeling that the next town might hold out a week and a half before the barbarians get them!

    That about sum it up? I think someone was trying a little too hard to find a silver lining in this cloud.

    American freedom has lost nearly every round in this slug-fest since about 1787. This time, we lost the round punching, but it doesn’t mean we’re any closer to knocking out our opponent. He’s bigger than us, badder than us, and has the legal power to steal our own resources to use to fight us.

  • Lester Sampath

    This may be a little simplistic, but it appears that the Republicans want to transfer the hard earned wealth of the American taxpayer to the top 1% of our population whereas the Democrats want to transfer it to the bottom 20% (while members of both parties pocket hundreds of millions in contributions from lobbyists).
    By disregarding the US Constitution, both parties are destroying the social, political and economic fabric of our country. It is indeed time for real change and it needs to start on the local level- and it needs to start now!

  • Akston
  • http://www.orderhotlunch.com Jeff Molby

    I don’t see any reason to celebrate.

    I’m sure they all knew the public wouldn’t be happy about it. They probably let the first vote go to the floor specifically to 1) let certain members say they helped make it a better bill by voting against it the first time and 2) let the public vent.

    The bottom line is that they rammed it through without much trouble at all.

  • http://doublethinkblog.blogspot.com Jono

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but theres a difference between a principled attack and unpopularity.

    Only a small proportion of opponents were against leviathan expanding for that reason.

    Most people (a.k.a taxpayers) were againt the bill because they didn’t see the pork. The “Whats in it for me?” test failed.

    So they re-worked the crap sandwich, stuffed in some more pork and assistance for home owners, and Washington had “struck a balance” !

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