Hulk MAD! Hulk VOTE!

Voting is now analogized to Popeye eating his spinach:

The final presidential debate concluded with some stirring words, though not from either candidate. Moderator and CBS newsman Bob Schieffer said, “I will leave you tonight with what my mother always said — go vote now. It will make you feel big and strong.

Cue the Huggies Pullups commercial: “I’m a big kid now!”

It’s strange to me. The act of voting is akin to marshaling a $3T government with the greatest military in the history of the world and an army of bureaucrats, redistributionists, and enforcement personnel to go out and perform the tasks you wish it to do. It should make one feel big and strong and powerful. But somehow, just somehow, it seems just as cowardly as sending the school bully to take the nerd’s lunch money for you. And it’s about as moral.

But I guess Schieffer had one point, though he didn’t intend it. Your vote doesn’t matter. So as long as it makes you feel good, I guess you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

Live it up today, looters! I hope you all feel wonderful tonight, and don’t blame me when the government hangover comes tomorrow.

Hat Tip: Cafe Hayek

  • uhm

    I’m not voting. I’m getting drunk.