We’re Back

Well, as regular readers may have noticed, we’ve had nearly three days of downtime. We had an unexplained blog issue that caused our former host to disable our account. We have no explanation from them of what happened, and our databases and everything else appear to be undisturbed, so we’re not sure what’s occurred. But we’ve moved on to a host that more adequately meets our ideological needs, and who we believe will meet our technical needs much more closely.

Note to users: discount hosts are discounted for a reason. Our new host will likely be a bit more expensive than the old ones, but I think we’re actually getting a service worth the cost.

Anyways, many thanks to tarran who has taken over the technical admin of the site. He’s far more capable of sysadmin than I am, so we should be in much more capable hands where the bits connect to the series of tubes.