Quote Of The Day

From Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience:

The progress from an absolute to a limited monarchy, from a limited monarchy to a democracy, is a progress toward a true respect for the individual. Even the Chinese philosopher was wise enough to regard the individual as the basis of the empire. Is a democracy, such as we know it, the last improvement possible in government? Is it not possible to take a step further towards recognizing and organizing the rights of man? There will never be a really free and enlightened State until the State comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived, and treats him accordingly.

  • Akston

    Excellent quote. I sure like the way Hank thought.

    Although, I still think that if he really meant the quote:

    “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.”

    He would have written “simplify” only once.