• Xerox

    I heard he was taken down b/c he refused to do business with Bank of America. Everything else you see on TV is basically the Jerry Springer Show. As usual.

  • Akston

    Ahmedinejad wouldn’t play ball with Bank of America?? :-)

    I agree about TV. Maybe there’s a market for a show which pits Blagojevich vs. Ahmedinejad in a spelling bee. Rather than trying to spell each other’s surnames – that would be too obvious – they could try to spell words like: “opportunistic”, “sociopathic”, “arrogance”, and “rodomontade”. You know, words where either participant could be featured when “used in a sentence”.

    And to answer the original post: It’s a close call, but I’ll go with Blagojevich. His choices better display the lack of integrity I’d associated with the term “corrupt”.

    Ahmedinejad is no piker in that regard, but I see him more as the human analog to a cairn terrier hysterically yapping and spraying flecks of spittle at the timber wolf that just made lunch of the Pomeranian in the next bike basket. You can hardly blame him for the bluster, but no amount of speculation about that one really sharp tooth he might grow is likely to convince anyone that he’s a credible threat to the timber wolf.

    Still, they’re both world-class contenders on both counts :-)

  • http://sanityisdead.blogspot.com/ Travis

    Ahmedinejad killed how many people again? How many countries (Soverign nations) did Iran invade again? How many of it’s neighbors did Iran attack again? (Iraq attacked Iran with our backing).

    Iran has not attacked another country in over 600 years. The U.S. seems to invade other countries on a regular basis. Who is the aggressor again? I’m confused.

    FACTS gentlemen. They will serve you well.

  • http://www.no-treason.com Joshua Holmes

    I wasn’t aware the state of Illinois had invaded anyone. LOOK OUT INDIANA