More “Change” From the Obama Administration

Meet the new “change” — same as the old change.

Here’s soon-to-be Surgeon General Sanjay Gupta on the reform of medicinal marijuana laws:

But I suspect that most of the people eager to vote yes on the new ballot measures aren’t suffering from glaucoma, Alzheimer’s or chemo-induced nausea. Many of them just want to get stoned legally. That’s why I, like many other doctors, am unimpressed with the proposed legislation, which would legalize marijuana irrespective of any medical condition. [snip]

But I’m here to tell you, as a doctor, that despite all the talk about the medical benefits of marijuana, smoking the stuff is not going to do your health any good.

There’s a good rebuttal of Gupta’s article here.

  • Nuggets

    “Smoking that stuff is not going to do your health any good” From doctor dumb ass. Marijuana does not have to be introduced to the blood stream by your lungs. Marijuana can be digested causing no harm to your vascular system. If it were to become legalized you would find many more people using the oil’s left from the plant to cook with, inducing a high through digestion. Fact… There are no studied cases of Marijuana caused death. Very low amount of people have an allergen to the Cannabis plant, just like people have ill treated livers and allergens that go hand in hand with alcohol. Not even to mention the amount of deaths caused by alcohol every year. In my opinion if were could use this substance, alcoholism rates would decline. You could smoke your mind to ease instead of drinking your problems away. Its something that should have never been banned in the first place.

  • Stephen Gordon


    My understanding is that marijuana has indeed caused one fatality. I don’t recall the specifics, but it had something to do with a person being crushed or otherwise injured by a bail of marijuana falling upon the victim.