• Akston

    I realize that Ron Paul evoked some controversy in libertarian circles. I continue to support him and most of the ideas he champions. The groundswell of Internet and financial support he received indicates to me that I’m not the only one. It’s nice to still have at least one or two voices in Congress espousing the kind of liberties voiced in our founding documents.

    President Obama exhibits a rhetorical love for pragmatic solutions, rather than idealistic. We won’t know what actions he’ll take beyond the rhetorical for a bit yet.

    As for “government that works”, my question is (as always with Mr. Obama it seems): what specifically does he mean? Government that works how? Doing what?? If we’re to eschew ideals when charting government’s course, how do we know when it’s on the right one? How do we know if it’s working? Obviously, most Americans don’t want a government that works like China’s.

    I prefer the unabashed idealist who is willing to honestly hold government to the limits established by the Constitution (as they’re all sworn to do), over an eloquent pragmatist who tells me my highest calling and honor is to serve my country (as defined by him).

    I prefer the self-sufficient spin on the JFK chestnut: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for yourself.”

  • Doctor Professor

    Doctor Professor’s Response to Ron Paul’s Response to Obama’s Speech:

    Dear Dr. Paul, you’re not relevant. You’re ideology is not relevant. You’re ideology has failed. It has failed time and time again. You are not the sole authority on the Constitution, and neither is your ideology. In fact, you’re often flat out wrong on even basic facts over what is in the Constitution. I still haven’t been able to find all those references to God you say are there.

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