So What’s A Libertarian Supposed To Think About All This ?

Doug Bandow sums up what January 20, 2009 means for those of us who believe in freedom and limited government:

Finally, after eight long years of wasteful spending, unnecessary war, and trashing the Constitution. Finally!

Now the challenge begins to constrain President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress. Onward and upward.


Now that Bush is out of office, there’s no need for anyone to defend him and the mess he left the Republican Party and the country in, and that’s coming from someone who voted for him, twice (and boy do I regret those votes).

George Bush was as much an enemy of limited government as Barack Obama is shaping up to be.

Let the games begin.

  • Eric Dondero

    Yeah, and ironically the Left bashed Bush two weeks ago for being a “libertarian” all because he introduced the privatization of S.S.. And just today, Rush’s brother David Limbaugh is saying that Bush will end up looking like a “libertarian” compared to Obama.

    Oh, and did I mention his very final act: Commuting the sentences of Ramos & Campean.

    You Leftwing Libertarians loved to bash Bush. And now he’s no longer around for you to get your jollies off. Just what will you Anti-War America-haters do now?

  • Paul

    Build something, buy something, downsize wasteful investments (eg. DHS/TSA super-complex), but don’t sell out the country.

    I realize that spending the country into debt is loaning out the country, and should we default, we would have sold out.

  • Doug Mataconis

    What you continue to fail to understand is that just because someone on the left calls a Republican “libertarian” doesn’t mean they’re actually libertarian.

    One look at Bush’s record — especially taking into account increases in spending and the size of government that are on a par with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society — makes it clear that Bush didn’t govern as a conservative, never mind governing as a libertarian of any stripe.

    And the fact that he commuted the sentences of two men who committed cold-blooded murder really doesn’t impress me much.

  • Stephen Littau


    Point of fact: the suspect did survive the shot to the buttocks. He testified against Ramos and Compean (one thing that make so many people upset is the fact that he received immunity for his testimony). I do think it’s fair to say Ramos and Compean attempted to commit murder in cold blood though.

  • DV

    Anyone who voted for Bush even once and calls himself a libertarian has a different definition for the word than I do.

    What you do now is start collecting canned goods and non-perishable food. America’s tough lesson in Keynesian economics is far from over.

  • Doug Mataconis

    My mistake

    Cold blooded attempted murder

  • Doug Mataconis

    People can’t make mistakes ?

  • Jeff Molby

    Anyone who voted for Bush even once and calls himself a libertarian has a different definition for the word than I do.

    I made the same mistake as Doug. In 2000, I wasn’t yet aware of libertarianism; I thought I was a Republican. In 2004, I still trusted the Bush enough to fall into the Lesser of Two Evils trap.

    I’ll try to make up for my mistakes.

  • Jeff Molby

    BTW, I always figured Dondero was only bitter about his time with RP. Nwo it sounds like he’s just a wonderful ball of sunshine on any topic.