Glenn Beck Moving to Fox

Glenn Beck is rapidly becoming more libertarian and he’s treated people like Ron Paul and Bob Barr with the greatest of respect.  He’s moving from CNN to Fox News.  Here’s the low down:

Glenn Beck goes on the air with Fox News for the first time Monday afternoon, and he’s got a surprise for you: He’s not a conservative anymore.

”Every day that goes by, I’m more and more libertarian,” says Beck, whose new show (titled, coincidentally, Glenn Beck) will air from 5 to 6 p.m. weekdays. ‘I’ve always been a conservative. But every day I find myself believing more and more in states’ rights, individual rights — let people alone, get the government out of everybody’s lives, let everybody rule themselves.”

That might seem startling news from somebody who’s built a multimillion-dollar one-man media conglomerate out of jauntily acerbic conservative commentary. In nine years he’s gone from a rookie talk-show host on a puny Tampa radio station to a syndicated powerhouse heard on more than 300 stations (including Miami’s WIOD-AM 610). And the program he did on CNN Headline News from 2006 to 2008 raised the network’s ratings 200 percent — in both its live 7 p.m. time slot and as a 9 p.m. rerun.

But Fox News, which hired Beck away from CNN in October (CNN took him off the air until his contract expired), doesn’t seem concerned about his political evolution.

”I’m not so sure that he was ever a conservative to begin with,” says Bill Shine, senior vice president for programming at Fox News. “He’s one of those guys it’s hard to put into a corner or give a label to. I think that’s what makes his show interesting. I think that’s what makes it unpredictable.”

I’ve not been watching much FNC for some time because of the way they damned near treated Bush like the Messiah, but I think I’ll tune in and check out Beck’s program, though.

  • Eric Dondero

    It’s kind of a tradition, that when one borrows from another website or blog, one gives a “hat tip” to that blog.

    Just pointing that out.

    Not suggesting at all that you lifted this from Libertarian Republican. No, not at all. Just a coincidence that we ran this story two days ago.

  • Stephen Gordon


    I haven’t hit your blog lately, dude. It came with a Google News alert for the word “libertarian.”

  • inanout


    GB was the same guy who during the pre-primary months said “Now everybody laughs at Ron Paul and I sure enjoy laughing at him too….” The guy is a nobody. The only reason he might get an ounce of coincidental respect is that fact that he is a much, much better shapeshifter than say, a Hannity, or a Dobbs, or any cut-rate talking head.

    He senses that the general old conservative crowd is now much more receptive to fiscal ideas, and ideas of liberty in a very loose but situationally non-committal status. This much like libertarians, who get nowhere when their incurable “kill the libertarian candidate” genetic urge kicks in. They basically destroy themselves before any possible success can possibly be realized.

    GB is only an entertainer, or maybe an infotainer at very best. He’s not a libertarian and doesn’t truly give a shit about anything (reference his uber-Nazi stance on the GWOT for years). But he’s “savvy”. His staff simply tells him which way the eclectic wind is blowing and how he’ll get max ratings in any given climate and he bends like reeds in the wind. It’s what he does and what he’s there for. Anyone JoeSchmoe who even gives a cursory examination of popular media can see that, so I really cant believe why you would consider this newsworthy.

  • Joshua Holmes

    I’d like to see Glenn Beck interview Kevin Carson. Now that would scare the shit out of him.

  • Norm

    Actually this is old news. When GB went off the air over at CNN I went to his web site and on the TV tab it explained that he was switching networks in January. As for being a libertarian he sure is getting comfortable having Ron Paul and Peter Schiff on. Ron Paul was on his Fox news channel show today. I’m sure he still has some “Rebubilcan” values like when he led the charge in the Terry Schiavo case.

  • Ron Moss

    If Glenn Beck continues his education to “Freedom to
    Fascism” by Aaron Russo and “Theft By Deception” by Larkin Rose, and maybe “” by Tom Cryer, he might amount to something, after all. To verify these websites, check out Joe Banister, Marcie Brooks, Sherry Peel Jackson and Peter Hendrickson’s book, “Cracking the Code,

  • Tom G

    I used to listen to Glenn years ago. Perhaps he’s getting better with age.
    Doesn’t Fox News also have Judge Andrew Napolitano ?
    I don’t know if “libertarian” applies to him but his concern for defendant rights and civil liberties is miles better than anyone else I’ve heard at Fox.

  • TerryP

    Of all the talking heads on TV I thought Beck was the best. While he may not be a full blown libertarian he does come about the closest. He seemed to routinely have Paul, Schiff, and David Walker on his show and he agreed with them most of the time. While he was still at CNBC he railed on the TARP and other things the government was trying to do with the fiscal calamity we are in. I am sure on some of the social issues he is still a conservative, but on fiscal issues he really does seem to have moved over about as close to the libertarian side as you can get as a talking head on TV. That doesn’t mean he is libertarian but he is moving that direction.

  • Justin Bowen

    One would think that if he was becoming more and more libertarian that he would treat Bob Barr with less and less respect.

  • Terry Conspiracy

    This is only the beginning, once the War crimes trials start for the Bush administration, everyone will want everyone else to forget their support for the neocon right wing. & shortly after that, the MSM (Main Stream Media) will work overtime trying to distance themselves from the role that they all personally played in covering up the trail of those that are responsible & truly guilty of mass murder on 9/11/01 !

  • Nitroadict

    The telling moments of any semblance of libertarianism (I would regard GB as a libertarian sympathizer, who is more aligned with paleo-conservatism or paleo-libertarianism, much like Ron Paul) on GB’s show was the surprising amount of times Penn Gillete was on his show. I distinctly remember he & GB palling around with a certain subject, and Penn going “Well you’ll advocate :such and such:, while I’ll sit here advocting anarcho-captialism.”.

    I did a distinct double-take, as it was probably the first time on TV the term was uttered, on GB’s show no less. GB didn’t try to censor or cut-away from Penn either, which was equally surprising.

    Don’t get your hopes up, though. At most, GB is a Ron Paultie, and he’s probably realized that this will garner him pretty good ratings for the controversial stances of RP & his alone, compared with the rest of the mainstream media.

    All I see is merely see someone who is increasingly good at his job, & realizing there is a market of ratings out there for those who sympathize with libertarianism.