NSA Spied on US Journalists — And You!

Here’s a chilling interview of former NSA analyst Russell Tice conducted by Keith Olbermann. While I’m not the biggest Olbermann fan in the world, he asked some important questions about how far the NSA went during the Bush administration. It’s a chilling interview. Hopefully restraining the NSA to 4th Amendment boundaries will be a priority for the Obama administration.

And while we are talking about privacy, we also need to keep the government out of the panties of our 13-year-old daughters and our private health records, too.

  • Jake T.

    ..and not one among us can dare feign surprise!

  • Jake T.

    I should have added, “Hello, NSA staffer(s).”

  • kent beuchert

    I’m always amused by those who fret over privacy. Just exactly what are these people afraid of? What could the Feds possibly learn that they would even care about? Do people really believe that those overworked surveilance people have the slightest interest in what some yokel in Kansas is doing? Paranoia seems to almost a national disease in this country. No wonder we can’t compete in the world – we’re worried about meaningless crap and ignore what’s important.

  • http://jameslandrith.com James Landrith

    Hey Kent, what is your social security number, date of birth and street address?

    Don’t worry about why I need it, just post it please. You have nothing to worry about.

    Trust me. :)

  • http://www.thecommandlineispartofthedesktop.blogspot.com blackbelt_jones

    Kent, let me explain. If Government knows what the press is up to, Government wrongdoing can easily escape detection forever. They wouldn’t have to suppress the media in any way that would draw criticism, All they would have to do is use their spying program to stay one step ahead of any investigation. It’s a lot easier to hide the smoking gun when you know where the press is looking. The press would be “free”, but forever in the dark. The government would enjoy unlimited secrecy and impunity forever. All accountability would be destroyed once and for all.

    I am finally convinced that we came within a hair’s breadth of trading the constitution for an authoritarian police state. If they had been a little less arrogant, a little more competent, it might have happened differently.

  • http://www.persnicketycurmudgeon.com Persnickety Curmudgeon

    blackbelt – I’d alomst agree with your post except the govt controlling the press these days is like the tail wagging the dog. the press seems a coequal go along to get along branch of the beauracracy at this point.

    I dare say the govt must now be divided into three new branches – no longer the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary – we now have Elected Officials, Political Appointees, and The Permanent Beauracracy(ie. Civil Servants). Perhaps all 3 need to be term limited and I fear the last of these three the most. To me the Civil Servant Beauracracy is the least accountable and most dangerous and The Press – seems most adept and interested at protecting them.

  • kent beuchert

    I’m astounded at the extent to which people are so self centered as to think anyone cares about
    their personal lives. I suppose its an attempt to make themselves seem important. I know of no other reason than this type of mental abberation that would cause one to get excited about what some NSA clerk (they’re all called “analysts”, just as Walmart stockboys are all called “associates”). Then there’s the insanity of believing anything MSNBC says – remember their “proof” about personal body armor for the military, which turned out to be not only false, but provided by the losing competitor in the bidding war? Nothing with the letters NBC attached to its name should be listened to, much less given any credibility. They are not news organizations – they’ve morphed into propaganda machines.

  • Akston

    Personally, I’m still waiting for that social security number, date of birth, and street address, Mr. Beuchert. Are you attempting to make yourself seem important by withholding it?

  • http://pith-n-vinegar.blogspot.com/ Quincy

    Kent –

    Get up to date about what sort of massive data analysis is possible with computers now and then try and tell us again that our privacy is safe because some poor NSA clerk is too overloaded to give a damn.

  • Guildenstern

    Hell, without even trying I can give you Kent’s phone number as well as an overhead photograph of his house and directions to it.
    Not that anyone would be interested, of course.