Told Ya So

Yesterday, I wrote: “Yes, there was a flub-up in the reading of the oath of office. I’m sure some of the tin-foilers out there will also be stating that “Barack isn’t president because he wasn’t officially sworn in” for the next four years.”

And so it begins

  • trumpetbob15

    Don’t worry, Roberts and Obama redid it this morning. Then again, where would we be without a good ‘ol Presidential conspiracy?

  • Wulf

    A coworker asked me if I thought it invalidated Obama’s presidency. I joked that somebody would have to challenge the legitimacy of the oath by taking it to court, where Roberts would immediately throw it out in embarrassment.

  • Raymond

    I really think the people talking about raising a nuisance suit like that should think twice about the stampede of Obamanoids who will trample them underfoot to get into the Supreme Court to hear the case.

  • SC

    One thing pointed out on NPR yesterday was that some former Presidents did not even recite the oath at all, but simply responded “I do” to the Supreme Justice’s recital of it.

  • Dorothy Vandersys

    After all is done and we have our new President Obama, waking up the next day was like another Christmas morning for all..
    Peace to all..
    Roland & Dorothy Vandersys.