Two Legal Standards in VA: One for the Cops and One for the People

From Pete Eyre of Bureaucrash:

This past Friday afternoon when coming home from work I noticed a cop car parked in a no parking zone. I contemplated just walking by to start enjoying some down time but concluded that if I don’t speak up, even against such trivial law-breaking, who else would?

As you’ll see in the video below, despite having received a complaint by a citizen (me) the responding officer failed to hold his fellow officer to the same standard that he stated he would if a civilian engaged in similar activity. And rather than apologizing for blatantly breaking the law, the officer who parked in the no parking zone thanked me by following me on foot – actions that unsurprisingly made me just a bit uncomfortable.

I share this video to document not just this situation but the mindset that unfortunately is all-too prevalent in policing today. And to hopefully help hold accountability those who swear an oath to uphold the law but who in practice – at least in this case – are willing to not only flaunt that law but intimidate those who question them.

Here’s the video:

  • Wulf

    I’m curious to know what percentage of officers across the country would see nothing wrong with what this officer was doing–including the part where he was following Pete around.

    I’m also curious to know how this might have gone differently if Pete was following this cop’s wife/daughter around, trying to find out where she lived. “I’m just taking a walk.”

    The officers in the video have clearly had a lot of training on how to be polite and calm, but it’s pretty clear that they honestly don’t see that they are supposed to be servants of the law, never above it.

  • Dogboy49

    Seriously, did you expect anything different? Although you probably have had few unpleasant interactions with police, you might want to talk to the people that do. When it’s just you and the cop, there is no constitution, there is no law, the cop IS the law. The fact that most police do not abuse their powers is irrelevant.

    ‘1984’ arrived in ….1984.


  • Jono

    Interesting, but I think some people are over-reacting.

    The only problem as I see it, was that the officer was allowed to park there without getting any penalty or even some kind of reprimand or warning.

    As for the rest of the video, clearly the officer is acting like a creep. But this actually has nothing to do with police power. Any individual is free to act like a creep and walk where they like. No lines were crossed.

    Yes, I agree, police should be unfailingly polite and get on with their lives.