The Borg Obama vs. Cardassian Republicans

obamaborgTo the right is a photoshop found at Gawker which illustrates a relevant question. Over at reason, Matt Welch makes reference to a posting at DailyKos which “compares Republican non-assimilationists to The Borg.”

Dear Americans THIS is the Republican party you are left with… a crew of people (?) unwilling to defend the needs of their particular constituency (because, of course, there is NO WAY that the needs of, say, David Drier’s affluent California district has much to do with the needs of the rural, hat and cattle folk represented by Denny Rehberg in Montana’s at large, which has little in common with those living in the poorest congressional district in the country, Jo Bonner’s, in AL-1) choosing instead to participate in the THOUGHT HIVE of tax-cuts, tax-cuts, “Dear God no ass-fucking” and tax cuts.

To some degree, Kos writer JeffLieber is accurate. The GOP has been spending far too much effort and energy talking about tax cuts — as opposed to talking about spending cuts. As the Rush Limbaugh plan suggests, they would be perfectly happy to increase the amount of federal debt if and only if the egregious spending bill is combined with tax cuts.

In other words, the Democrats wish to max out our federal credit cards with frivolous purchases while the Republicans wish to max out our credit cards with high-interest cash advances. People with common sense know that both of these solutions to fiscal problems lead to the same end: fiscal insolvency and eventual bankruptcy.

With regard to the anal sex reference, JeffLieber has another valid point. Republicans, especially in Alabama, seem awfully fixated on the issue. However, neither major political seems very upset about using the force of government to stick the tab up the wallets of our children and grandchildren. No matter how one feels about the general topic, forced anal sex is worse than the voluntary variety. And both major parties are guilty. Republicans might be interested to know that many hong kong escorts are more than happy to partake in anal sex. I kid of course but the Republicans fixation on this predicament has become a great cause for concern across the party.

While I disagree with the GOP in their approach to this bill, at least they had the testicular fortitude to vote against the Democratic version.

What gets me is the Kos writer’s reference to the Borg. Being neither elephant nor donkey allows me a bit more neutrality on the issue. Currently, the right is in disarray and isn’t following any particular leader. Obama and the mainstream media seem to be trying to push Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter into positions of greater influence. With such buffoonish characters serving as the mouthpiece for the right, the left will certainly continue to enjoy electoral success.

To complete the Star Trek reference, the Republicans aren’t powerful enough to be compared to the Borg. Here is one description which seems to better describe the GOP:

Cardassians were trained in military discipline from a very young age, taught to obey and not to ask questions and to accept the decisions of the state. The Cardassian judiciary presumes guilt from the beginning of the trial and serves only as a forum for forcing a confession from the accused.

However, the downright reverence on the left for The Messiah Barack Obama is not just creepy, it’s downright scary. 10 days ago, I wrote that the Democrats “wish to assimilate us into the collective of Borg Obama.” I continue to stand by that statement.

  • SaraLee

    The Republicans don’t assimilate people. They put them in secret prisons and torture them. Or bomb their children.

    Both parties require obedience to the state, though.

  • Persnickety Curmudgeon

    Great post and so true.

    STill to be effective in stopping this stuff it may be time to stop thinking in terms of Left v Right – Liberal v. Conservative Democrat v Republican and focus instead on the California/New York hegemony over the rest of the country.

    Under the surface I’ll bet if we look close enough we’ll find every messed up Washington initiative boils down to – protect California water, agriculture and Hollywood – protect New York finance, and media, and non profit foundations.Protect their real estate and ports and let other States subsidize their pollution problems.

  • Stephen Gordon


    Having worked in political circles in DC, I see it is the Beltway Hegemony over the rest of the country. I think politicians would screw over NY and California as quickly as any other region if it suited their power addiction any better.