Moving nowhere fast in Oregon

Coyote Blog has an excellent post up about a moving business at the whim of Oregon law:

Cato has a video of some folks in Oregon who started a moving business, only to find that sate law effectively requires them to get permission of current moving companies before they can operate (apparently, someone in Oregon is enamored of medieval guild systems).

How the law works is that when a new mover submits his application for a business license, existing movers can file an objection (which apparently is pro forma). The new company must then justify to the state why another moving company is justified by the marketplace. Of course, absolutely no guidance is given how such a thing might be proven.

Head on over and check out not only the Cato video, but Warren’s own stories about similar regulatory idiocy.

  • Andrew

    For anyone who’s read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, this law in Oregon is oddly reminiscent of Directive 10-289. In the book, no one was allowed to enter into or exit an industry without government approval by a “Unification Board.” This is very similar and equally scary.