The Latest Stimu-pork Earmark

Louisiana Looter, I mean Senator, Mary Landrieu has asked for nearly a doubling of the Army Corps of Engineers budget for more “flood control projects” (ie. pork barrel spending). The earmark is not intended to create any jobs immediately, but instead to repay Louisiana’s political bosses for helping her get reelected last year.

Louisiana’s “conservative” and “reformer” Governor Bobby Jindal, while supposedly against the stimu-pork bill, is willing and ready to slop at the Federal trough as well. For those who don’t really follow Bobby Jindal, such profiles in courage are common from him.

Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, six out of seven Louisiana Congressmen opposed the stimu-pork bill.

Landrieu and Jindal should ask themselves who really represents Louisiana, them or the six out of seven Congressmen who opposed the pork bill?

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